Feid announces the ‘FERXXOCALIPSIS WORLD TOUR’ and includes Spain in the concert list

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Did you miss concerts? Feid? Well we bring good news. And everything indicates that you will end the wait very soon.

The Colombian artist has arrived this February 5 with the news that he will soon reveal the dates of his FERXXOCALIPSIS WORLD TOUR, a long-awaited international tour with which he will tour an almost infinite list of countries. And although he has not published the official tour poster with the dates, he has activated a registration on his website to send his fans the ticket sales link when more details about it are known. When registering you must select the city you are interested in, so you have given us great clues about the places you will visit. Will it be in 2024? 2025? We will have to wait to find out.

In case you were wondering: yes, Feid will be in Spain. Madrid is among the cities in the dropdown, so the capital will also be dyed green in this new Ferxxo tour. In fact, these are the countries that are part of the list: Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Dominican Republic, Spain, El Salvador, several states of the United States, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Scotland, Japan, Australia, Italy, Canada and France.

But that is not all. And Feid himself has shared an Instagram Story in which he warns that we will soon know the specific places that he will visit with this tour. He invites all his fans to register so they don’t miss a single detail and be the first to know.

Feid thus ensures a few months of live music around the world, reuniting with many of his most loyal followers and meeting other audiences who had already made it clear to him that they wanted to have it live in their countries as soon as he could make it a reality.

The announcement of the Colombian artist’s international tour has been a success. In fact, a few minutes after sharing the link to the registration form, the page had stopped working. Thanks to his team, the failure was short-lived and his fans were able to fill in their details immediately.

Taking into account that, at the moment, the Luna performer has no concerts planned for 2024 (beyond the festivals that have confirmed it), it is likely that he will celebrate his international tour this year. And you, have you already registered? Don’t miss the news from the FERXXOCALIPSIS WORLD TOUR. Start the count down!


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