Feid, Karol G and Joaquina mislead TikTok: this is how their music sounds on the platform after Universal Music’s decision

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The foundations of the music industry shook last week when Universal Music Group announced that it was removing from TikTok (with practically immediate effect) the songs of Taylor Swift, BTS, Ariana Grande and the rest of the artists they have in their catalog.. It was all due to the fact that the negotiations on the renewal of the contract between both companies have not come to a successful conclusion, therefore, the video platform has been forced to silence each and every one of the clips in which music whose origin is played It comes from the record company due to a matter of intellectual property rights.

After this, on TikTok users have not only taken what happened with humor, making the popular trends and challenges with stock music (no copyright) or directly in mute, but they have also found their own tricks to circumvent this type of copyright. As? Using the song in question with a musical base different from the original. Versions that the artists themselves have benefited from and echoed, such as Feid, Karol G, Joaquina and even Lola Índigo.

In the case of Ferxxo, he shared two videos in which one hears, on the one hand, Ferxxo 100 to the rhythm of cumbia. “Misleading Mr. Tik Tok,” she wrote in the post while she is seen dancing and chanting the song. “Man who resolves” or “we knew he was not going to stay silent,” commented his followers.


♬ original sound – agusttinprod – agusttinprod

On the other hand, he published another clip of Bubalubut not in terms of afrobeat, but of salsa. “They don’t take us off TikTok,” the Colombian joked. And, apparently, both videos have served as inspiration for other singers, just as he has taught Joaquina.


♬ SbmSalsaSunday BUBABLU – sbmmusica

The blatant Best New Artist of the last Latin Grammys held in Seville She has felt very inspired by Feid and, instead of searching for an audio of her music among the sea of ​​sounds that the platform hides, she herself has been the one who has released a version trap of Rage, one of his first singles. “I will make pure versions trap of my songs so they don’t download them,” he hesitated in the video.


thanks to ferxxo for the inspo jajajajsjsjsjsjsj, that’s why they asked me to upload an audio of Rage well here it goes

♬ rage trap version – Joaquina

In our country, it was Lola Indigo who encouraged his followers to make a techno remix of A Bachata, his latest collaboration with Saiko. And she even tried to find a new direction in her profile, letting it slip that from now on, her content is going to be “only girl humor.”

On the other hand, the most creative Swifties have brought out their most performative side and they have been the ones who, for example, have made use of TikTok’s own tools—the autotune— to recreate, in a very original and credible way, the intro of Midnight Rainsong included on the album Midnights by Taylor Swift.


taylor swift’s music is gone from tiktok? THEN EXPLAIN THIS 😌 #taylorswift #midnightrain #swiftie #taylorswiftmidnightrain #autotunefilter #VoiceEffects @Taylor Swift

♬ original sound – NicksMyName

Even Karol G took advantage of slowed down audio While I heal from my heart to kick off the leg of the tour through the rest of Latin America and Europe, where they will do a triplet – with everything sold out – at the Santiago Bernabéu on July 20, 21 and 22.


Bring all the energy, the sadness, the love, the joy!!! We enter as one, we leave as others 🌈✨🌷☀️ … the best night of our lives #MSBtour Latam and Europe !!!!! #fyp

♬ original sound – karolg.seguidores 🫂✨

“Bring all the energy, the sadness, the love, the joy!!! We enter as one, we leave as others 🌈✨🌷☀️ … the best night of our lives #MSBtour Latam and Europe!!!!!”, you can read in its description.


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