“Finally! The Long-Awaited Franchise Return is Here – It’s Looking Great”.


The Burnout franchise could soon make a grand return. At least, that’s what a major studio that has already worked on the license seems to suggest.

Do you like racing games? Then you have probably encountered the Burnout franchise. In contrast to games like Need for Speed, the different installments have a distinct mechanic where players can send their opponents crashing out with the famous “takedowns.” However, it has been a long time since a new iteration of the franchise has been seen. Nevertheless, it seems that a certain studio is looking to change that. Will hope finally be rekindled?

So, where does this strange rumor come from? From Stellar Entertainment, which recently revealed that they are working on a “AAA arcade-style racing game.” In itself, this doesn’t tell us much. We can’t know if it’s a sequel, a remake, or a completely new creation. The community was left in the dark, but everything has now changed. The company has recently resurfaced, aiming to pique the curiosity of fans. To do so, they have written a message that leaves almost no doubt about the return of Burnout.

The studio itself confirms that it is a clue about their next production. Here’s the phrase that has sparked excitement: “and the bosses *still* haven’t issued any take downs!” We’ve kept the original English phrase in this case because translating the “take down” would lose the information given by Stellar Entertainment. Fans no longer need to question the nature of the project, as it is a direct reference to the main mechanic of the Burnout franchise.

Furthermore, without context, it is difficult to make sense of the phrase, making it even more intriguing. However, there is still no official confirmation that it is indeed Burnout. For now, it’s best not to get too excited. But it’s worth noting that the studio helped create the remaster of the game Paradise. Is this another graphical revamp? If so, which game is it? Well, we have a small idea on the matter.

For some, it is possible that Stellar Entertainment is working on a remaster of the third installment. But why this one specifically? In September 2024, the third game will be celebrating its 20th anniversary (feeling old yet?). This project would aim to pay homage to the game by bringing it up to date and introducing it to a new audience. Again, this is still just a rumor, but it sounds quite promising. Hopefully, we’ll have the answer soon..

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