Fresquito and Mango premiere “Nube Gris”

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Second single of what will be the duo’s new album material.

“Grey cloud” It is the second single from the first album Fresh and Mango. This hit focuses on the more electronic aspect of the project using sounds that are close to the jersey club and maintaining catchy melodies that are reminiscent of songs from the early 2000s that are currently becoming a reference on the scene again.

The production was carried out by Juan Figols, Juan Pedrayes and by Kim Fanloessential producer in the Spanish pop scene and who has been giving cohesion and coherence to the album Fresh and Mango.

In this song they also continue in the wake of the new sound references that were already shown in their first preview “Body and Blood”. Artists like 100gecs either underscores music close to hypernoisepop, urban punk and electronica.

Fresh and Mango either Mango and Fresquito They are two young people from Zaragoza, Spain who promise to be the future of pop in Spain and who we will surely hear mentioned many times. Keep intact the freshness of a project capable of merging references ranging from Tow to The Punsetes either Locoplayafrom the wildest mainstream to bedroom pop, but without losing any of its essence, it is not easy. Fresh and Mango They have been aiming high for some time within the most contemporary underground, releasing songs that ranged from Latin music to guitars without any type of fear or prejudice and always under their own brand.


So much so that it led them to collaborate with Aitana, probably the biggest pop artist in Spain at the moment. When she heard “Send me an Audio” She could not help but be infected with the energy and magic of the duo, leading them to collaborate on the remix of the song, making it the expected summer hit of 2021.


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