GAIA “TOKYO” the new single (Watch the video)

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The video clip of is online TOKYO, the new single from GAIA.

Musicality, positivity and the desire to be free: the video clip for “TOKYO” – directed by Amedeo Zancanella and produced by Illmatic Film Group – is a wave of good vibes that overwhelms from the first notes. GAIA dreams, she gets lost in her thoughts and in the desire to go elsewhere, without looking back and without giving weight to insecurities. She follows her instinct, she wants to travel, dance, “ride around Tokyo on a motorbike”, close her eyes and lose herself in the spontaneous choices made on a carefree night in which she celebrates her youth. There is no shortage of elements that recall the East: from the maneki neko – the “lucky cat” – to the styling of the artist herself, who wears a collected hairstyle that recalls oriental culture.



With its contaminations and overwhelming sound, GAIA brings to the music scene a song that transmits a strongly current message: in a world that pushes us to close ourselves in a cage of limits and impositions, “TOKYO” is an invitation to let go, a ticket of one way to freedom. Through this new single, written by GAIA herself with Drast, who also takes care of its production together with Golden Years, the singer-songwriter recounts an interaction between two people that soon turns into an unfiltered dialogue that underlines the importance of enjoying every single moment.


In addition to a new single, this autumn brought the singer-songwriter a further milestone: GAIA will perform, bringing her most iconic songs on stage in the opening act of the following events of “ELODIE SHOW 2023”, Elodie’s first tour in sports halls.

Saturday 18 November, Naples @ Palapartenope – SOLD OUT
Monday 20 November, Milan @ Mediolanum Forum – SOLD OUT
Tuesday 21 November, Milan @ Mediolanum Forum – SOLD OUT
Saturday 25 November, Rome @ Palazzo dello Sport – SOLD OUT
Sunday 26 November, Rome @ Palazzo dello Sport – SOLD OUT
Tuesday 5 December, Florence @ Mandela Forum
Saturday 9 December, Milan @ Mediolanum Forum


Once again, GAIA proves that she is a 360-degree artist: she puts herself on the line in the world of cinema by covering the role of voice actress in “Wish”, the new Walt Disney Animation Studios Christmas feature film, in theaters starting from December 21st . Alongside other characters and actors such as Amadeus and Michele Riondino, the singer-songwriter lent her voice to the brilliant dreamer Asha.



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