Garbage releases Bleed Like Me album

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Garbage’s 2005 album will receive its first vinyl release in April and will be enhanced with additional tracks.

In 2005, the American alternative rock band Garbage released Bleed Like Me, his fourth studio album. Supported by the singles “Why Do You Love Me”, “Bleed Like Me”, “Sex Is Not the Enemy” and “Run Baby Run”, it was praised by critics and ranked in many countries. In France, it notably reached sixth place in the top sales charts.

As the 20th anniversary of its release approaches, Garbage announces a reissue, scheduled for April 5. It includes the disc in a remastered version, available on CD and for the first time on vinyl. It will be enhanced with numerous bonus tracks, whether B-sides or alternative versions.

  1. Bad Boyfriend
  2. Run Baby Run
  3. Right Between the Eyes
  4. Why Do You Love Me
  5. Bleed Like Me
  6. Metal Heart
  7. Sex Is Not the Enemy
  8. It’s All Over but the Crying
  9. Boys Wanna Fight
  10. Why Don’t You Come Over
  11. Happy Home
  1. Space Can Come Through Anyone
  2. Nobody Can Win
  3. I Just Wanna Have Something to Do
  4. Honeybee
  5. Never Be Free
  6. Badass (October 2003 Ruff Demo)
  7. Tell Me Where It Hurts
  8. Becha
  9. All the Good in This Life
  10. Witness to Your Love
  11. Bad Boyfriend (Sting Like a Bee Remix)
  12. Bleed Like Me (Kuppers Klub Radio Edit)
  13. Sex Is Not the Enemy (IL’s Vocal Mix)
  14. Sex Is Not the Enemy (Devil’s Gun Circuit Sex Remix)
  15. Never Be Free (Goth Mix)
  16. Tell Me Where It Hurts (Belle de Jour Mix)
  17. Witness to Your Love (Acoustic)*

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