GEOLIER is the new protagonist of Red Bull 64 Bars (Listen to the song)

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Champions in Italy is Geolier’s latest Red Bull 64 Bars, produced by Dat Boi Dee and Poison Beatz.

Geolier’s piece, one of the most sensational musical phenomena that Italy has seen and experienced in recent years, is an exercise in flow, technique and great originality. The dreamy atmosphere, supported by a choir, introduces a shower of bars in which the Neapolitan rapper, with a unique style in his musical dialect, describes life on the outskirts, in the “district” through a never banal story, drawing from his history and from that of friends and acquaintances who grew up in the same environment.

The production, composed of three beats, makes the song continuously evolving with a crescendo that involves the listener: the first by Poison, the second by Dat Boi Dee and the third, in the last part, is the result of the union of the previous two.

Red Bull 64 Bars is the creative challenge par excellence in the hip hop scene, synonymous with great freedom of expression, where MCs and beatmakers are called to collaborate to create a new 64-bar song without choruses.

Red Bull 64 Bars, a cult format of Italian rap, is the creative challenge par excellence in the hip hop scene, synonymous with great freedom of expression, where MCs and beatmakers are called to collaborate for the creation of an unreleased 64-bar song without choruses.



RED BULL 64 BARS – THE FORMAT Born in the Red Bull Studios in Auckland, New Zealand and developed by MC David Dallas, in just a few years, Red Bull 64 Bars has become a universal unit of measurement and a very severe litmus test on value real at the microphone of an MC and on the ability to calibrate the right alchemy with the work of a beatmaker. This was established by the hip hop scene itself, through its protagonists: in Italy many of the greatest exponents of the genre have in fact already gone through this ordeal. On May 28, 2021, “Red Bull 64 Bars, The Album” was released in collaboration with Island records and certified gold. An important stage in this adventure as well as a fundamental chapter in the history of Italian rap, given the battery of talents involved. During these years of Red Bull 64 Bars have seen themselves alternating at the microphone: MarracashBlanco, Fabri Fibra, MadameGhemon, Maximum DangerErnia, Carl Brave, Beba, Anna, Izi, Pyrex, Nitro, Lazza, Dani Faiv, Johnny Marsiglia, Noyz Narcos and many others.

Red Bull 64 Bars is available on Red Bull Droppa, the YouTube channel that offers only new music, entirely produced by Red Bull together with the protagonists of the Italian Rap and Urban scene.

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