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Belgian rapper Shay, 31, who released her last album, Antidote, in 2019, will be releasing her new opus, Pourvu qu’il pleuve, on January 19, 2024. And it promises to be fiery.

Fans of Shay are on the verge of apoplexy. Indeed, the 31-year-old Belgian rapper will release her new album, Pourvu qu’il pleuve, on January 19, 2024, and she teased it by posting a photo of the sublime cover, on which she wears a black latex dress and blonde braids. The news comes a few months after the singer’s fiery performance at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris during the rap awards ceremony, Les Flammes, where she performed her latest single, Jolie Go, as well as an explosive unreleased track, Commando. All of this suggests an upcoming album – scheduled for 2023 or 2024 – to match her last effort, Antidote (2019).

Last March, Shay revealed the single Jolie Go, which gave some clues about her new album that should be coming out soon. It was accompanied by a sunny and sexy video shot in Kingston, Jamaica. The artist sings seductively in the video, “Est-ce que tu pourrais me dompter?” Despite this, she is known to be untameable.

Several years ago, Shay had temporarily left music for fashion, especially getting close to the label Burberry. She had also served as a recognized judge on the Netflix show, Nouvelle École, a talent show aimed at discovering the rap star of tomorrow. A role she will not reprise for Season 3, as it will be Aya Nakamura who will replace her. Shay’s brother, the producer Le Motif, had meanwhile hinted on social media that his sister might stop rapping. However, Vanessa Lesnicki (her real name) had given clues last year, signaling her big comeback to the music scene. The former protege of Booba had posted an enigmatic and futuristic video on her Instagram profile on April 13, 2022, after deleting all her posts.

Jolie Go, DA, and Sans Cœur: a preview of Shay’s new album, Pourvu qu’il pleuve
As for the new album, Pourvu qu’il pleuve, Shay’s second album, the captivating Antidote, dates back to 2019. In 2022, she released a video in which she was lying in a laboratory where scientists were reprogramming her, like a cyborg. Along with this teaser, the Belgian artist updated her profile picture, updated her website (bearing the name of her label, Jolie Garce Records), and posted Instagram stories with an aesthetic reminiscent of the film Matrix. In these contents, there was a mysterious barcode as well as an invitation to enter her details to receive one of the 3000 prototypes offered by the artist.

Following this, Shay released a new rap track, DA, as well as an ultra-sexy music video reminiscent of a sci-fi film in which the artist resembles a manga heroine. With this track, as well as other singles of the year, Sans Cœur (with Niska) and Jolie Go, we have a taste of the sound of Shay’s new album, Pourvu qu’il pleuve.

The tracklisting for Pourvu qu’il pleuve by Shay is as follows:
1. Partie Hier
2. Shooter
3. Santa Fe (Bad Gyal)
4. A l’envers feat. Gazo
5. T mimi
6. Poison Ivy
7. Commando
8. Baby Daddy
9. 17
10. Sans Coeur feat. Niska
11. JGG
12. Jolie Go
13. Cash
14. 1000 à l’heure
15. Paradis feat. SCH

Pourvu qu’il pleuve (2024) by Shay, available on January 19, 2024.

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