Has Ariana Grande revealed the name of her new album?

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Ariana Grande was spotted in New York wearing a black sweatshirt with a mysterious writing that fans interpret as the name of her upcoming album. We explain why.

Anyone who has followed Ariana Grande for a long time knows that the artist never leaves anything to chance. Accustomed to scattering what Americans call “Easter Eggs” everywhere, the “Thank U Next” singer has a reputation for making her fans think – to the point that numerous theories are popping up all over the web. As proof, recently, Ariana Grande appeared with a black sweatshirt bearing the inscription “yes, and? “. Could this be the name of an upcoming single, or even his new album? According to some Internet users, the answer is yes.

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To understand the fans’ excitement, we have to go back to 2016. Before the release of “Dangerous Woman”, Ariana Grande shared a photo of herself wearing a t-shirt with, you guessed it, the name of her album . A subtle clue that she had fun reusing two years later, on the occasion of the release of the hit “No Tears Left To Cry”. Based on some “evidence” scattered here and there over the years, fans have come to the conclusion that, perhaps, this still secret opus would therefore be titled “yes, and? “. And obviously, the latter would potentially be ready to come out.

While she had not released an album since “Positions” in 2020, Ariana Grande published a series of photos on her Instagram account to announce to her fans that her album would be released in 2024. So, the seventh project of Will Ariana Grande be titled “yes, and?” » ? The near future should reveal it to us!


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