Here is the FANTASANREMO 2024 (Instructions and rules)

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FantaSanremo 2024 returns again this year. From today, Wednesday 27 December, registrations are open to try your hand at creating the best Sanremo-oriented team.

There are several new features for the 2024 edition. Each team is, as usual, made up of 5 artists and to compose it there are 100 baudi available, the virtual currency of this game.

We at WECB will also try our hand at creating our own team… and let’s see if we’ll see each other!!!


Each player has 100 baudi available to purchase 5 of the competing artists

It is mandatory to field a team of 5 artists and appoint one of them as captain

It is possible to register the team by Monday 05 February 2024 at 11.59 pm (unless extended)

The bonuses and penalties for each artist will be attributed according to the following regulation: should the evaluation of a bonus or penalty be subjective, the final word will be up to the FIF² which will evaluate the incident in a professional, unconditional and objective manner

The assignment of bonuses and penalties applies to artists starting from the first minute of the Sanremo Festival until the end of the live broadcast of the final evening (everything that happens before and after the Festival will not be counted)

The bonuses and penalties of the last episode of the artist appointed captain will be doubled

When not expressly specified, the bonuses and penalties refer to actions carried out by the artist or events that involve him on the stage and/or in the stalls of the Ariston Theater during the episodes of the Festival

During the cover evening, everything relating to any announced guests who will perform together with the artist himself will also be considered valid for the purposes of assigning bonuses and penalties relating to the competing artist.

In the event that a competing artist is unable to perform for any reason and a pre-recorded performance valid for the purposes of the competition is therefore used (see Irama Sanremo 2021), bonuses and penalties will still be assigned based on this registration

The person with the highest number of points at the end of the last episode of Sanremo wins

The regulation may undergo changes until Monday 05 February 2024 at 11.59 pm and, if necessary, may be subject to interpretations and/or clarifications by the FIF even during the week of the Festival


Alessandra Amoroso – 23 baudi
Angelina Mango – 23 baudi
Annalisa – 23 baudi
Emma – 23 baudi
Negramaro – 22 baudi
Geolier – 22 baudi
Dargen D’Amico – 22 baudi
The Kolors – 22 baudi
Mr Rain – 21 baudi
Sangiovanni – 21 baudi
Mahmood – 21 baudi
Diodato – 21 baudi
Fiorella Mannoia – 20 baudi
The Flight – 20 baudi
Renga Nek – 20 baudi
Ghali – 20 baudi
Alpha – 20 baudi
Irama – 19 baudi
Gazelles – 19 baudi
Rose Villain – 19 baudi
La Sad – 19 baudi
Fred De Palma – 18 baudi
Rich and Poor – 18 baudi
Loredana Bertè – 18 baudi
BigMama – 17 baudi
The Three – 17 baudi
Maninni – 17 baudi
Clara – 16 baudi
bnkr44 – 16 baudi
French Saints – 16 baudi



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