“Houdini”: Dua Lipa makes her comeback

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Three and a half years that the beautiful brunette kept her fans waiting but she is definitely back. With “Houdini”, the popstar blows our minds.

Catch me if you can, where I go Houdini style » and it took three and a half years to see her come back. She had teased it at length and mysteriously on social networks, Dua Lipa is back with the title “Houdini”. Earlier this week, the British-Albanian singer was seen in the streets of London. With her team, she went to meet the fans to give them a preview of the magical “Houdini”, with electro disco sounds, composed by Kevin Parker aka Tame Impala. A touch of the Australian artist that we find in the choirs, on bass, on drums, on guitar and percussion among others.

On Instagram, the popstar wrote to her fans: “ HOUDINI! OUT! NOW ! EVERYWHERE ! So here we go… thank you for your patience. The first release of my next album🫀 feeling so full of love and joy to get to do this with “the group” (@tameimpala @dannylharle @carolineailin @tobiasjessojr) and share this moment with the world. Thanks to the dream team who made this video with me bruises, sweat and tears!!! every moment is worth it!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. »

“Houdini”: for fans, the magic happens

For her return, Dua Lipa, who today sports fiery hair, put on a simple but captivating clip. Between the precise choreography and the optical illusion effects in the dance studio mirror, Dua Lipa keeps us in suspense. With its disco production composed by “the group” (Tame Impala, Danny L Harle, Caroline Ailin and Tobias Jesso Jr), “Houdini” is part of the creative line initiated by “Future Nostalgia”, exactly what its audience expected which propelled the title upon its release.

In less than 10 hours, the clip has already garnered nearly 6 million views on YouTube and fans are having a blast in the comments. “ She always brings rhythms that force you to dance and sing along! ” or ” Real Fact: We all agree that Dua Lipa never disappoints, her talent is pure and her voice is out of this world! » can be found under the video.

Winning bet for this return of Dua Lipa with this title which is enough to make us love her single (Single) era as winter approaches and party until the end of the night.


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