Iggy Azalea extends her break from music: “I have had more passion for design for a long time”

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In summer 2021, Iggy Azalea released his last studio album to date. The title The end of an era was a declaration of intentions of what could come in the future. In fact, the bad news for his fans came shortly after when he announced his temporary retirement.

The artist’s musical career, which began as a real rocket, has not reached that level of success again and along the way she has encountered stiff resistance from the music industry, which she even accused of sabotaging the launch of her previous album. LP

With all this and taking into account that she recently became a mother and has been dedicated to raising her little one, it seems that Iggy Azalea has decided to prolong her temporary retirement from music: “For a long time I have felt more passion for design and creative direction than songwriting.

The message published by the Australian rapper on her social networks makes it clear that it is a thoughtful and complicated decision for her: “This is going to be long… so only bother reading if you love me. (If you still bother, you’re a weirdo You’ve been warned. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚ ) I’ve always been someone who finds joy in being creative and seeing my ideas come to life. For a long time I used music to get my big, crazy ideas out into the world. I know a lot of people have the idea that I was ‘bullied away from music’ and that’s something I’ve always laughed at because I would never be bullied by anything! In fact, I’m too stubborn.”

Iggy Azalea makes it clear that music will have to continue waiting: “I think sometimes I have even resisted the changes within myself, simply because I don’t like to be seen as someone who gives up. In truth, what I have known for a long time is that I feel more passionate about the design and creative direction than songwriting. Many of you aren’t surprised to read this. It shows in my work. πŸ₯² Haha! Joking aside, I spend a lot more time on that side of things… because I’m more confident That’s why I want to let you know that I’m not going to finish my album.”

The news has come as a shock to the artist’s unconditional fans. In the summer of 2022 she assured that she was going to return but “where she said I say, I say Diego.” And this is his explanation: “It’s been on hiatus for a few months while I directed a different project and the truth is that I haven’t felt the need to go back to it. I feel very happy and passionate in my daily life when my mind is focus on that and that’s why I want to stick to what is undeniably best for me. 🌼 I can’t wait to start sharing some of the things I’ve been involved in and I hope you see my quirkiness and humor in everything I I play! I know for some fans this probably makes them feel a little deflated. I’m sorry to leave you down. But it’s more important that you don’t leave me down. I hope you understand. We’ll talk soon! I love you. 🀍”


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