In the ears of Francis Zégut in December

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Our columnist Francis Zégut his selection of albums. This month: Mitch Rowland, The Southern River Band, Glen Hansard and Mind Overclock.

Francis Zégut also shows you the destinations of his road trips.

Mitch Rowland – Come June

Are you looking for titles to follow between Jonathan Wilson and America? Do you like melodies and guitars that leave traces of pastel paint on your soul? Mitch Rowland is your magic palette. He comes from a small town in Ohio, he has just released an album “Come June” which provokes the same feeling as when you first listen to “Harvest” by Neil Young, a rural, dreamy and delicate ballad. You know him in spite of yourself, he is the discreet co-author of “Watermelon Sugar” and “Golden” by Harry Styles, he is the Mick Ronson of David Bowie, the Bernie Taupin of Elton John, he is a discreet but strong companion . A great offering for the musical planet!

The Southern River Band – Stan Qualen

So here is Australia bouncing again and again on its two hind legs, Rock n’Roll, Boogie Woogie, a touch of Country, The Southern River Band comes on stage to change your life? Do you have a form of nostalgia for the 70’s or are you simply in a period of discovery? Stuck between a shopping center and a sports field, these hungry birds from The Southern River Band, from Thornlie, a suburb of Perth, will land on your shoulder and never let go. They opened for The Darkness in 2022, it’s no coincidence as their worlds are so close, it’s tapping on the roof of the car to amuse the gallery! It hydrates his daddy! To consume without limit! Gaaazzzz!

Glen Hansard – All That Was East is West of Me Now

Between very compact Guinness and Bushmill’s single malt, Glen Hansard and his friends sat at the back of his small local pub for five concerts to test new equipment. Workers, farmers, dart players, billiard aces dragged their often muddy boots there, they sometimes paid attention to the titles of Glen Hansard, other times hanging on the bar they shouted about their miserable life.

Thus was born this musical conspiracy as close as possible to the truth in the smells of alcohol and wet dog. Entering through the back door of a pub, this Glen Hansard album comes out loaded with good vibes, and some French lyrics on “Sure As The Rain”. Between Leonard Cohen, Waterboys and Robbie Robbertson, it sticks to your skin like feathers and tar.

Mind Overclock – A Blessing Disguise

Here’s a skeud for boomer! Who at a time in their life had “In The Land Of Gray And Pink” by Caravan and “Airconditioning” by Curved Air in their disco? It was the time of Puces de St-Ouen, cowboy boots, one-star Perfecto, water pipes for long trips, and there is one of them 25’41” in this “A Blessing Disguise” from Mind Overclock which is called “Riders Of The Skies part I – XIII (feat Marco Ragni), this whole little world travels in a progressive universe with well-known colors, it is assembled with English psychedelic stainless steel screws, from Brighton . I look out the window, I don’t feel like time has passed so quickly and yet I’m a boomer, and proud of it.

This selection by Francis Zégut is available in WECB n°158, available on newsstands and on our online store.


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