“Insane First Week Sales Numbers for Koba LaD and Zola’s ‘Frères Ennemis’ – You Won’t Believe How Much They Sold!”.


Koba LaD and Zola form a powerful duo. On January 26th, the two rappers revealed their joint album, “Frères Ennemis.” After a week of release, the project has accumulated 16,941 sales.

“Frères Ennemis” consists of 11 tracks with no features. The project seems to have found its audience, as it sold 16,941 copies in its first week. “Frères Ennemis” ranks second on the list of the best “first week” sales for joint rap albums, ahead of “SVR” by Kalash Criminel and Kaaris (13,255 sales), “Horizon Vertical” by Vald and Heuss l’Enfoiré (12,281 sales), and “Jusqu’aux Étoiles” by Guy2Bezbar and Leto (5,882 sales). A great success for Zola and Koba LaD.

However, this is not the best debut for a joint album in the history of French rap. Gazo and Tiakola remain at the top with “La Melo est Gangx” (26,619 sales in one week). A month after its release, the project is already certified gold (+50,000 sales), a milestone that “Frère Ennemis” could quickly reach..

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