Interview – ELODIE: My body is an artistic and political manifesto


Elodie presents “Red Light” her first Clubtape. Not an album, much less an EP or a Mixtape but seven deliberately dance tracks and deliberately straight drums, mixed without a pause.

A high-voltage, free, emancipated, sexy and tunz tunz tunz turning point for the national Elodie who descends into the clubs and is a candidate to become the queen of the night.

In support of the project, prurient lyrics, seven super provocative and liberating visual videos, where Elodie moves in all facets of sensuality, between lust, fashion, latex, lapdance, love turned in all its forms, transgression and to close it all the cover of the project designed by master Milo Manara.

“Red Light” is the natural continuation of the artist’s experimentation in the dance pop world. Consisting of seven tracks, all produced by Dardust and connected by intros from the same producer, it is a project with club sounds, born from the adrenaline generated by the experience of the sold out event show at the Mediolanum Forum, staged in May 2023.

“Red Light” is a sort of gift for Elodie’s audience and imagined for the next live events.

Through music, there are different facets of Elodie that emerge in this project. From the most sarcastic one, with “Glamour” which outlines an ironic vision of the world of fashion, to the most courageous one which claims freedom, taking sides against the judgment of others in “Elle”.

The complexity of the living being, in the perpetual search for balance between the many aspects that compose it, is told in “Lontano da qui”, a confrontation between two equal but also profoundly different women.

With the title track “Red Light” the atmosphere is tinged with red, the doors of the club open wide and the sensorial experience begins, concluding with a mad rush in search of an existential meaning contained in the very fragility of life in “With the Headlights Off”.

Elodie presented the project in a purple nightclub in Milan.


I needed to tell you about the project. As soon as I got off the stage of my first show at the Forum, the emotion and adrenaline were such that I wanted to do it again immediately. Having to wait, I decided to channel all that energy by rushing into the studio, creating new music that would move the audience and add a fundamental piece to my story.

This is not an album, it’s not an EP, it’s a clubtape. It is designed to make anyone dance anywhere, as if they were in a club.

It seemed right to me to want to let off steam, have fun and make a mess. People who listen to the clubtape have to let off steam and dance freely.


In recent weeks, a thousand controversies have emerged about my photos.
The female body shouldn’t cause so much scandal.
My body is an artistic and political manifesto
This must be a body. Everyone and especially women must have the freedom to show their bodies as they want.



From the artistic partnership between Elodie and Maestro Milo Manara, one of the most famous cartoonists in our country and in the world, the cover of “Red Light” was born, a cultural elaboration in which the theme of female independence and the power of the body are central.

Master Manara, who with his colored heroines has always depicted combative and sensual women, active protagonists of the stories, represents Elodie in this cover. She is naked, with one hand clenched into a fist, as if she were claiming her being, her freedom, the dignity and solemnity of the naked body which becomes the manifesto of a thought.

Female freedom still causes confusion, in the cover represented by the backdrop, and it often seems as if there are limits, boundaries within which women must move if they want to survive. Master Manara’s pencil tells, in contrast to a context in total chaos, the eternity of the naked body, without frills, in its most composed hieraticity.

I courted Manara. When we met I brought all the projects, photos and videos taken.
He then chose freely and represented me.
I am very happy with his work. She represents me and my idea of ​​freedom and femininity.

In the drawing, a cultural elaboration of the image, sex is not modestly covered, rather she closes her hand into a fist as if claiming the dignity of her body. In the representation of the nude there is always something eternal and sacred. The aestheticizing background is in contrast with the hieratic nature of the figure to bring out her solemnity.” – Milo Manara


The theme of the female body and sexuality finds further development in the collaboration with The Morelli Brothers who were entrusted with the creative direction of the entire visual project of the clubtape. The famous photographers on the international scene, with whom Elodie had already collaborated on the occasion of “Bagno a Midnight”, created the visuals for “Red Light”, one for each song.


An entire musical block will be dedicated to the songs of “Red Light” within his first tour in sports halls, “Elodie Show 2023”, produced by Vivo Concerti. With a total of over 55 thousand tickets already sold, in addition to the sold out events already announced, the date of November 20th at the Mediolanum Forum is also sold out and the third date opens, by popular demand, at the conclusion of the tour on Saturday December 9th.

Friday 17 November 2023 @ NAPLES – Palapartenope
Saturday 18 November 2023 @ NAPLES – Palapartenope – SOLD OUT
Monday 20 November 2023 @ MILAN – Mediolanum Forum – SOLD OUT
Tuesday 21 November 2023 @ MILAN – Mediolanum Forum – SOLD OUT
Saturday 25 November 2023 @ ROME – Palazzo dello Sport – SOLD OUT
Sunday 26 November 2023 @ ROME – Palazzo dello Sport
Tuesday 05 December 2023 @ FLORENCE – Mandela Forum
Saturday 09 December 2023 @ MILAN – Mediolanum Forum – NEW DATE

Tickets for the new date will be available on from Friday 6 October at 2.00 pm and in all authorized sales points from Wednesday 11 October at 11.00 am.

Click to purchase tickets


Elodie will also be the protagonist of a special Sky content, “Elodie Show 2023”, broadcast on 10 November on Sky Uno, streaming on NOW and free-to-air on TV8. The images of the international live show, staged in a completely sold out Mediolanum Forum in Milan last May, will be alternated with frames in which the artist tells her story, her emotions and her music.


“Red Light” will be available on all digital platforms and can be purchased in pre-order in the physical CD and LP format, also in limited editions signed exclusively on the Universal shop, in addition to the CD + T-Shirt, CD + Band and CD + bundles T-Shirt (RED) LIGHT.


For the occasion Elodie collaborates with (RED), a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver which uses the help of the most iconic characters and brands in the world to create products and experiences in order to raise funds to combat global health crises. To date, (RED) has generated more than $750 million for the Global Fund, one of the world’s largest funders of global health, helping more than 245 million people.

Elodie will donate 100% of profits from the sale of the (RED) LIGHT t-shirt to support (RED)’s efforts in bringing life-saving health programs to women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa.



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