Interview – EMMA “Souvenir” is a record where I lay down my weapons


“SOUVENIR” is EMMA’s new album, out on Friday 13 October. 9 songs that are 9 pieces of a puzzle that represent all the facets of EMMA.

A snapshot of the artist he is today, through new sounds and vocal nuances.

We met Emma a few days before the album’s release. Here is her story.



SOUVENIR is all that remains of this long journey.
It is a snapshot, frozen in space and time, of another chapter of my life. It collects the images, the colors, the emotions felt and experienced in recent years.
The production of the album brings with it all the acoustic baggage of my best part. Play with contemporary electronic sounds without distorting what has been built so far. It puts sound research at the service of my new expressive nuances, to create something new while always remaining true to myself.
9 stories, 9 songs, 9 pieces of a puzzle that represent all my facets.

At the end of this whole journey, there remains a great desire for life and revenge.
The desire to emerge from deep sleep. To free yourself from discomfort and a state of non-acceptance. To always look for the positive side.
This album is just the beginning of something new. It has awakened in me the desire to sing and write many more things, which I will find the way and the time to say.


Sometimes when things end many scenarios open up to you and you can choose the one that best suits your existence.
Endings even when they are tragic can if you ride with optimism, strength and courage they can prove saving and you can find a way to stay standing.

This album comes after many personal endings, the most enormous, cathartic one being the death of my father.
Just when you think everything is over and nothing is over, you can still find the courage to do things without having the fear of losing anymore.
This is what pushed me to go into the studio right away.
My father died in September and at the beginning of October I was already permanently in the studio trying to do something good in the darkest moment of my life.
This is truly a record where I lay down my weapons, where I no longer want to prove anything, I no longer want to fight, to try to be understood and understood.

Where I simply found, above all, the spark, the flame to continue doing this job, enjoying it, rediscovering the happiness, the enthusiasm, from giving birth to a song, proposing it to the public, singing it live… Nothing is finished.
Let’s start at the end on purpose.


I was the first, when I started writing and singing I felt that my voice was completely different: thin, soft, there was no longer that scratchy, narrow-throated sound. On this album I’m open and even my voice is different.


There was a period when I wasn’t in it anymore. I had honestly doubted whether I would do this job.
Maybe I had too much influence on my artistic career by what was happening in my life in general.
I often felt not up to par, a step behind, uncomfortable.
But this album made me understand that this is not the case, I found my position again.
Maybe I need to learn to leave the negative things behind me and believe in myself a little more.
Unfortunately, I am the worst judge of myself. Even when things are going well I have to find something wrong.
It’s like a form of protection because I’m afraid of deluding myself too much that something is really working.
The wind towards me is changing, the public’s perception is changing, so stop shooting yourself in the foot, let’s live with this record, let’s play, sing and stop beating ourselves up!


This record is completely Emma. After many years of personal and artistic experience I finally learned to put the pieces together and managed to make all my facets coexist both on a vocal and production level.

We just figured out how to put everything together to create a new futuristic vision of my music.


On the occasion of the release of SOUVENIR it will be possible to immerse yourself in EMMA’s new musical universe thanks to the first store designed by @RealBrown: SOUVENIR FLAGSHIP STORE.

Every day, from Friday 13th to Saturday 21st October, at the Mondadori Duomo bookshop in Milan it will be possible to visit the new space designed by EMMA as a place for meeting, sharing and discussing with and for its fans, who will be able to purchase the new album, also in an exclusive honey-colored version with autographed card and dedication, and a series of products – in a limited and exclusive edition – inspired by SOUVENIR and designed by Emma specifically for them!

Furthermore, Emma will meet her public in two exclusive events for Mondadori Store: Saturday 14 October in Campania at the Mondadori Megastore in Marcianise (starting at 3.30 pm – Campania Shopping Center, Aurno, Marcianise – CE) and Sunday 15 October in Rome at the Mondadori Bookstore Cola di Rienzo (starting at 2.30pm – Piazza Cola di Rienzo, 81).



Let’s start from the End
Amore Cane (feat. Lazza)
Half the world
Living Meat
Short hair
Taxi to the Moon (bonus track)


And to experience this musical chapter of her career in an exclusive way, EMMA has decided to present the new album to her audience with 15 special events in the clubs of Italy: a face-to-face meeting, in an intimate and rock and roll place, a return to musical origins in which we can intensely experience and share all the colors and emotions of “SOUVENIR”.

Thus was born the idea of ​​”SOUVENIR IN DA CLUB”, a real experience to listen to the new album live and return home with a unique memory. There will be 15 events in 8 cities in Italy, starting from November 10th.


These are the stages of “SOUVENIR IN DA CLUB”

12 November – LARGO VENUE – ROME
November 13 – LARGO VENUE – ROME
November 15 – LARGO VENUE – ROME
22 November – HALL – PADUA
November 23 – HALL – PADUA
2 December – CAP10100 – TURIN
3 December – CAP10100 – TURIN
5 December – CAP10100 – TURIN
17 December – DEMODÈ – MODUGNO (BARI)
18 December – DEMODÈ – MODUGNO (BARI)
21 December – VIPER – FLORENCE
22 December – VIPER – FLORENCE

Click to purchase tickets


Photo: Emma_Bogdan-@Chilldays-Plakov_2023


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