Interview with D4VD


Compositions from the depths of the being.

We had an interview with the young talent who has positioned himself at the top thanks to his famous single that was popular on social networks, “Here with me”many of us know that chorus “I don’t care how long it takes… As long as I’m with you, I’ve got a smile on my face” and surely we have sung at some point or that verse simply “stuck” to us.

I can’t categorize my music into any genre, I just don’t think about that; It’s just that every time I compose it is something introspective; something that comes from the depths of my feelings. It is introspective music.”

So D4VD describes the music that today is one of the most listened to in TikTok; It is a creation from his experiences, from the way he sees life and the deepest part of his feelings. It is very interesting to meet musicians like David Burke (better known as D4VD) who appropriate music in all aspects and take it as a means to express their fears, desires, opinions, etc.

Davidgrew up in New York and it was in that city where, thanks to his mother, he met and had an approach to music for the first time.

My first inspiration in music was probably when I was five years old in New York with a pianist in the church where I used to go. And it was right there where I began to develop skills in this instrument since they made me play it. Curiously, I hated it, but from that moment until now I love watching people play the piano.”

At just 18 years old, D4VD He is an artist who has a future career in music. At his young age he has created countless singles that today are the ones that have led him to step on different stages. The creativity of Burke as well as his mother’s support are the things that continue to drive him to continue composing.

My mother is very proud of how much my music has grown and her favorite song is without a doubt ‘Here with me’”.

This November 19 we will see and hear it on one of the stages of the Crown Capital. It will be an unforgettable moment for him.

I can’t wait any longer for this show, I love Mexico City, so I’m looking forward to being at that festival.”

This will be the first time that he will play in Mexico City in front of a large audience that will know who is behind that choir, behind that beautiful voice that has the ability to reach many ears.

For him, Mexican fans have a very special place in his short career. No doubt his face changed when he expressed how good they make him feel and the boundless energy they have.

The love for music that the Mexican public has is not comparable to anything, they simply go crazy with the music and even more so in a festival where there are such a large number of bands. They have unlimited energy for artists.”

The emotion that projected D4VD It is one of the main reasons why we should see him in this show, for him being in this event represents a great beginning to empathize and get closer to Mexico.

So, on November 19 (closing of this massive event) David Burke He will be giving us a show with a big surprise, a comment that he himself made.


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