Interview with Depression Sonora


When expectations are great, dreams become reality, music emerges from life and the art of creating is the soundtrack of your day to day.

Marcos Crespoor as it is better known within the musical guild, Sound Depressionhas experienced and most importantly has managed to make his musical journey an experience that has been worth every minute of living.

The artist from Vallecas (Madrid, Spain) is enjoying a few days of rest in the beautiful CDMX, which it should be noted has become one of the singer’s favorite visiting points as they enjoy the gastronomy and local stalls; after some incredible shows as part of his tour of the United States, which in short he has described as days in which nothing has made sense because he has performed on dates among which the Darker Waves Festival and a sold out in Los Angeles, which makes it more than clear to us that the talent that emerges Sound Depression crosses borders and languages.

The tour in the United States was brutal, the people are incredible, it’s incredible how even though we don’t speak the same language, people manage to connect with my songs: I mean, I speak a little English, I manage to communicate, but seeing that they like my music is brilliant”.

And not only on tour, because the singer has managed to carve out a very promising space within the industry with his unique style and of course his lyrics that reach deep into the hearts and feelings of his most loyal followers.

The public’s connection with my songs is very real and honest, I am a guy who experiences very common things, I do not intend to deceive people or myself with my songs.”

With the essence of the Spanish scene impregnated to the bone with Marcos Crespo who shared with us the latest details of what will be his next musical material, which will be an EP which will be released completely in 2024.

Makinavaja It will be the next EP, we are going to release one song per month, one is already out right now, there are four songs, so I hope it will be complete by February.”

“I live from the air”the name of the first single released, is a song that transports us to a sea of ​​feelings, and there is no doubt that it has evolved over time, because although time is still short, Marcos’ creations are a piece that manages to fill and reach people, because with this eighties vibe a little of what he had been working on in his past songs comes out, but without a doubt its essence is recognized from thousands of miles away.

Ideas flow in a sea of ​​chaos in which we can sometimes hold on to childhood memories to be able to give new twists to creations.

I chose the title because it seemed appropriate to me, Makinavajait was a Spanish series back in the 80’s and nothing, I liked the title and I think it fits well with what this EP will be.”

After the exhausting days he has experienced with the end of his tour of the United States, closing the year with a flourish, Sound Depression is spending a few days in CDMX, which will receive it next year for its presentation at the Live latino.

“I love Mexico, the people are spectacular, the public is frenetic and I love that, there are two festivals this coming year and I am very excited, I couldn’t really place them, but being among them is crazy.”

The Mexican public is incredible, I can’t say anything that isn’t already known, returning here is always crazy.”

Sound Depression will be present at two of the most important and emblematic festivals in Mexico this coming 2024, the first will be in the already traditional and impressive Live latino and the second will be the consolidated To the northalthough he has already set foot on Mexican stages, his presence at these two classic festivals will undoubtedly be of utmost importance for the development of his musical career.

You know, it doesn’t surprise me that I can be in these festivals, being so important and not out of arrogance but because I don’t limit myself, I don’t start thinking about whether or not I can be in this or that place because in the end I prove myself. “What I am capable of and I like to experience achievements and live them.”

And if that was not enough Sound Depression He is having a very good streak because his presentation also awaits him in Bee Week 2024in the Riviera Madrid, where of course it will be a total delight to be able to sing in his homeland.

You can’t stop following the steps Sound Depressionhis music full of realism and feelings expressed from the depths of the being of a normal guy who lives life day by day will completely captivate you and of course do not hesitate to enjoy his music at any of these festivals.


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Christopher Johnson

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