Interview with Elliot Moss


The revitalization of a project that seeks its most honest version.

Change is something that can scare many projects that have already established themselves within a genre or a very marked musical style, but when you have the courage to enter into the unknown, the talent and vision of the artists is put to the test, and those who manage to focus their objective well emerge with new sound elements to explore and enrich their proposal.

In the case of Elliot Mosswho is preparing the release of his third studio album called How I Feltthe change is represented in the exploration of a more diverse sound in textures and instruments, which leaves aside its minimalist and peaceful proposal, to evolve and test its talent as a multi-instrumentalist with the addition of new horizons within a proposal that seeks to focus the audience on the purest version of their artistic vision.

Next January 18, Elliot Moss will visit our city to appear in Room A of the Indie Rocks Forum! and we took advantage of this future visit to speak with the artist about the challenges he faced in the production of this new album, along with his opinion of his current vision as an artist.

Returning to the studio for an artist is a process that takes a period of preparation, this to be able to enter with new ideas and clear goals for the creation of something that in his mind seems very clear, but when translating it into reality, this concept can be modified to the point where it is lost. Now, when your studio is also the place where you live, as it is in the case of Elliott, everything becomes more blurry and you practically never stop turning over the ideas that are floating around in your head. About this Elliott comments:

Coming back is always easy, I just open a door and that’s it, so there is always something happening inside my house. Of course there are times when I sit down and think that I don’t need this space, but there are also others when I just sit here listening to different tracks until inspiration hits and I start modifying so many things to get to the point where I feel cohesion between each of the tracks I’m working on.”

Elliott He is known for being a perfectionist during the process of creating new music, which involves long work sessions. The ease of entering and leaving the studio whenever you want can be beneficial for all the possibilities it gives you to work on your music, but when creativity resists, it can be something that only makes you wander aimlessly while creating new tracks. .

Without a doubt, I always like to stay focused on making a song as close to the original intention as I had with it. But sometimes it is filled with so many layers and details that they don’t fulfill what I want and I have to return to it as many times as necessary. Always trying to reduce things that distract from the main goal I’m looking for with the song.”

The work of Elliot Moss Since its first releases, it has been described as cathartic, self-exploratory and inviting personal introspection. His minimalist tendency, which subtly exploited his talent as a multi-instrumentalist, is now put to the test with a change towards rhythms little explored by the artist, such as rock, ballads and a more intimate variant of his already well-known alt -pop. This turn comes as a surprise to many, but also as a way to refresh a proposal that needed new motivation to continue growing.

My way of constructing music has changed a lot over the years, now I want to explore more within the sound field and move away a little from what I have done before. I feel like this album is full of wild sounds and great guitar solos and I think it’s an experience where you will never finish hearing all the details.”

The sonic change is evident in the first five singles that the artist has shared, but his quality as a lyricist continues to remain on the axis of exploring the stories that can be found in the life of any person, while delving into the understanding of the most complex human emotions.

I love translating emotions into my music. There are times when I have a great base, but if I can’t find something to give it meaning I prefer not to touch it. Inspiration can strike at any time and it’s amazing when you find something that clicks with what you want to express and what you want that emotion to sound like.”

Next January 18, Elliot Moss will visit our city to appear in Room A of the Indie Rocks Forum!in search of reconnecting with an audience that hopes to hear him after his last presentation in Mexico in 2021. About this the artist comments:

Mexico is amazing every time I go. Everyone is very warm and always shows great support for my project. The last time I was there, things were still complicated because of everything that happened, but believe me, I’m eager to feel the warmth of the people again. Plus I miss real Mexican food.

In this way we close the talk with a Elliott excited about the future and the results that his next album can bring to his career. For the moment you can enjoy the first five singles and we will be waiting for what the next month of February will have for us when How I Felt reach our ears.

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