Interview with Juanpalitoschinos


An interesting mix of sonic continuity through 80s Japanese City-pop.

The Latin American indie duo is promoting their new single “When you loved me”along with their upcoming show on February 9 at Indie Rocks Forum! We were able to interview them and learn more about the project and their new song.

Friné Alejo and JP Guerrero They told us about the first steps of the project, their creative process, what it was like to go viral in the middle of the pandemic and what they are looking for with their interesting continuity of sound mixing in each of their songs.

“I sang musical arrangements to JP and he translated them on instruments and we started writing music together, then we started teaching it to people and family and that’s how it came out. Juanpalitoschinos”.

After their first months on digital platforms, in the middle of the pandemic, they decided to upload a video dancing in the parking lot of what was a Superama and in the background the single “what you give me”; In a few hours it went viral, marking the new musical path of the project.

With a Tiktok, things changed from one day to the next… Juanpalitoschinos It is thanks to that video that we thought it was not going to hit.”

Known for combining the sound of the 80’s with Japanese City-Pop, they found sources of inspiration “this YouTube video came out called “plastic love“, and like the spirit of that happy and happy music and with medium instrumentation luismiguelosa, it is something that we both like very much”; the guideline to focus your musical genre.

City pop suddenly took center stage and began to be like the seal of how our songs began to sound.”

“What you give me” His new single explores the emotions of a broken relationship, the evolution of love as a couple and the moment when the relationship stops being what it is “love changes, it transforms into different things and a change can be sudden or gradual… one He takes it that way because of the point he is at in his life, when you think it has expired it is because you are seeing it wrong.” They commented that the general concept was an attempt at a duet, in the verse it was the person who has not yet received the change in the relationship, in the second verse the other person responds and in the chorus they merge with an exchange of responses.

The beginnings of this track were in 2020 and the result was years later, experimenting with new processes in recording, between danceable sounds and energetic voices that reach an interesting continuity of sound mix.

“When we played live we realized that it wasn’t just a matter of mix, our voices sound like the same, it’s something we don’t do on purpose, it makes this interesting tune.”

Regarding his next show in the house Indie Rocks Forum! Juanpalitoschinos commented: “It is a night of love and heartbreak, disco, party, to dance, celebrate and have an incredible time in this new era of Juanpalitoschinos”.

Be part of this show and don’t miss out on new songs and a very fun night.


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