Interview with Manuel Carrasco and Camilo: their friendship, what songs they envy and their unrequited loves

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The last friday, Manuel Carrasco and Camilo they launched Saltpeter, their first collaboration. And this launch has coincided with his presence in Andalusia to experience first-hand all the events of the Latin Gammy Awards 2023. They both recognize that They are delighted to chat with WECB in Seville and that “you couldn’t ask for more.”

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The origin of their friendship

Their first collaboration arises from the admiration they feel for each other, But how did they really meet? Manuel He says that they had seen each other in different places but always in a “hurry.”

What I knew the most was his music and what it transmits. and what he is in music, of course I admired him a lot and still admire him. From there, there was the idea of ​​doing something together (…) We have gotten to know each other more and love the person behind the artist more and I am very happy that everything has turned out so beautifully and so well,” says the singer Not anymore with the consent of Camilo.

We have gotten to know each other better and love the person behind the artist more.

— Manuel Carrasco

The songs that envy the other

It is normal for two composers so great in music to envy—in a healthy way—the lyrics their partner writes. And they have confessed what they are.

“There are several songs that I like by him (…) It comes to mind Titanic, for example, is a more intimate song, darker but very deep. And he can make you a song like Rico’s life that your feet move and you don’t stop dancing and that says so much with a song that is so simple at the same time,” he confesses. Carrasco.

“I would have liked to write what you wrote in Saltpeter, “When you sent me the first melody of the first verse (he hums it), I said, why didn’t I think of that melody,” he tells her. Camilo to their friend. “Don’t want it all for yourself, leave a little to others“He answers between laughs. Manuel.

Manuel Carrasco and Camilo present ‘Salitre’, a new Colombia-Spain union

Unrequited loves

It must be that loving someone and having that feeling not reciprocated is a canonical event. —inevitable and usually slightly chaotic moments that are destined to happen at some point in your life—well, we’ve all been there. “For me it was an ugly moment,” recalls the singer of Tutu. “For me it was a traumatic moment,” confesses the interpreter of How nice it is to love.

Manuel Carrasco and Camilo present 'Salitre', a new Colombia-Spain union
Manuel Carrasco and Camilo present ‘Salitre’, a new Colombia-Spain union

Camilo is the first to dare to tell the story that marked his youth: “Her name is Lina Flores, I fell in love with her all my childhood, she never paid attention to me, So it was always like an impossible platonic love. (…) We don’t talk anymore, I never saw her again, no idea where she is.”

Between complaints from his partner for not telling him, Carrasco He ends up telling the story of one of those loves that did not reciprocate. “I fell in love with a girl who was from here in Seville, her name was MarĂ­a (…) she had been there for a long time and I said ‘I’m going to declare myself, be brave, I’m going to declare myself’. And one day I declared myself and he said no”.

Manuel Carrasco fills the Bernabéu

The year of Manuel Carrasco It is full of successes. And the singer has posted the “sold out tickets” sign at the Santiago BernabĂ©u eight months before the concert. Thus becoming the first national artist to achieve it. And if we can be clear about something by knowing Carrasco is that what will be experienced on June 29, 2024 will not be just another concert. Therefore, at WECB we asked him about that day. “I better not think about it now. It is a very iconic stadium and for me In my fucking life I would have thought of doing something like that, far from it. (…) It will be a holiday, I want to celebrate everything that has happened in my career. I don’t know what will come next, nor am I going to think about it,” confesses the artist.

In my fucking life I would have thought of doing something like that, far from it.

— Manuel Carrasco

Besides, It is inevitable to compare her with the first artist who has hung the poster of sold out in the new stadium. “The bastard Melendi told me one day, he told me about it, he says “You are the Taylor Swift of Spain.”

Camilo’s tour of Spain

The one who is also going to tour our country is Camilo. The soloist from MedellĂ­n has announced his Spanish tour for the summer of 2024, so far it is composed of 13 concerts in the main cities of Spain.

We have done two very extensive tours in a lot of cities in Spain and each time I find even more fascinating corners.

— Camilo

“I have had the blessing of traveling through Spain. We have done two very extensive tours in a lot of cities in Spain and every time I find even more fascinating little corners. Realize the diversity that exists in this country, because When you are far away you see Spain and you imagine something like a uniform body. When you get here you realize that it is very plural and very diverse.. “I really love that” he concludes. Camilo.


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