Interview with Polo & Pan


A love story with Mexico.

He loves us so much Polo & Bread that, in addition to playing constantly in the country and in the future at #MeUrgeTrópicofrom their honeymoon in Bali, Paul He kindly gave us 20 minutes to talk about his most recent EP: Carrossel do tempo and its connection in the heart with Mexico.

Mexico is our #2 country. We have France and then Mexico. We have always had a love story. We’ve played there a lot; “We love cumbia, Latin music, culture, food, ambition, energy…”.

Basically, they are fans. Also, friends come to visit once or twice a year. And yes, the influence is noticeable, starting with “Charanga”.

We wanted to write a song with children’s vocals in Spanish. Our friend Ángeles works in schools in Mexico. And she helped us organize a children’s choir in Santiago Llano Grande in Oaxaca. We spent two days there. “It was a beautiful experience to live in a little house there and record with the children every day.”

Each song on this EP is quite different.

They are different universes. They are more on the pop side than the electronic side, except ‘Charanga’. And that’s what I like about these songs. Furthermore, we are interested in knowing what the public thinks; “If they want this or they want more club.”

But this doesn’t mean that this EP is some kind of survey or focus group. We like to release something every year and we thought it was time. The songs were ready and we wanted to share them.”

Thus, while “Carrossel do tempo” It is in Portuguese, “Nagori” It takes us to Japan for a little while. “Fun fact, we write the lyrics using Artificial Intelligence. “We went to ChatGPT to get him to write something in Japanese that made sense.”

The result was something very haiku-style, which they loved. And it is that “Carrossel do tempo” is he preview of a new album. However, there is no need to eat cravings because at least six months we will have to wait.

We want the new album to be the best thing we’ve ever done. For that we need to look through these 10 years together and see what has happened, how we have changed, evolved together and in our personal lives.”

Yeah, Polo & Bread They are on a break. Paul, on their honeymoon and in a kind of detox (zero alcohol and vegetarianism), will be recording with other artists in India, Calcutta, Cuba and Brazil. Meanwhile, his counterpart Alex He’ll be in Paris doing his thing.

I’ve always felt like we’re like yin and yang. We have different themes and collaborations that we want to do. We will not send each other anything. It was a deal we made. Afterwards, we will bring each other musical treasures that we will make together as Polo & Bread“.


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