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Setlists unique and staying hydrated, that’s the key.

Great people and a great place, the Crown Capital it was fun. It was our first time in Mexico. The response was incredible and we wanted to return alone as soon as we could.”

Royal Blood He will return to Mexico in April to perform at a festival and alone. In this regard, we had the opportunity to chat with Ben Thatcherdrummer of the British duo, about everything related to their shows. And the fact is that “we spent like the first five years playing all the songs we had. It is until this album, in fact, that we feel the opportunity to put together different setlists.

Recently we see tours in which an artist plays complete albums or in which they release a different gem in each presentation. Could it be that this time we will be able to listen to songs like “Don’t Tell”that they haven’t played in years or something that they have never played?

(Plan the setlist) is like putting together an album. You have some songs that work well one after the other and some that don’t. You have to go up and then go down a little bit to be able to go up again, it’s like a roller coaster.”

Plus, some just don’t work for shows. “For example, ‘Oblivionit sounds like it’s obvious that we would put it in the set, but live it doesn’t sound so good. In general, we always play what’s fun and what we feel fits the moment, so each time it’s a little different.”

And as thoughtful and important as the setlistis the opener. Royal Blood he takes it very seriously.

We respect them a lot, because they are the ones who prepare the audience, you know? So we want it to be someone who breaks it, who is authentic and who puts a good vibe in the room. We always try to listen to them first. “We try to give a chance to local acts that we genuinely think are good.”

Finally, we know what we felt when we saw them live, but what do they feel when they see us? “You would think that from the stage we don’t see anything, but at least I have the best spot. I see it all, even so much that it’s overwhelming at times. I can see people going off on certain songs or people fighting, and those things distract me…”

However, I always focus on music and having a good time. I love seeing when people’s energy synchronizes, when people sing with us and when they just let go. At the end of the day, they paid to see us, to have a good time, and that’s exactly what they should do.”

And just as expensive beer is usually our drink at every concert, to ben

I always drink tequila. That’s my poison of choice. Although I also drink beer and of course water. You have to stay hydrated, that’s the key.”


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