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The hardcore punk band originally from New York, Show Me The Body, is ready to land in Mexico and close their tour with 2 shows (CDMX and Guadalajara). Prior to their visit, at Indie Rocks! We talk to them so as not to overlook surprises.

Igniting the flame of euphoria in the audience or creating chaos on stage can be easy, but Show Me The Body knows that the challenge is for the public to truly connect with the message you carry.

We hope it is a show full of dance and love. “We are more than excited to visit Mexico, play for you, be there for you and get to know you.”

That said, the band originally from New York is ready to take to the Mexican stage for the first time in their career.

We want to be part of a new metropolis. We don’t know Mexico; We were born and raised in New York so we are excited to get to know a new city, its life, how it works and talk to the people who live there. Before we just woke up, took a plane and arrived in another city. Now we take the best of our material and create a special set for each city we visit.”

It is no coincidence that the band visits us in December, just when the weather begins to change and we can better enjoy the icy notes of sludge and noise with a combination of political and social consciousness.

We write about what surrounds our friends, what we witness or what we hear. We will spend some time in Mexico so we have something to say, we will write a song.”

Leaving your comfort zone, traveling, observing and getting to know the world is the key to being able to write music, at least that is one of the responsibilities that the band considers having when being musicians.

We must tell the stories that surround the world and tell them as honestly as possible. Leaving New York, which shaped our sound, and being influenced by the world and the people in it is one of the most incredible things we can do,” they share.

Today, we can pigeonhole them into various genres and enjoy our favorite, but the vision of Show Me The Body is different. “When we write together, we have the common agreement that we want to hear something that none of us has heard before, and not only to be original, but to get excited and impressed by what we are achieving,” he says.

We don’t go through the world with a clear vision. We look for inspiration and we think that has inspired other people in the same way.”

Music is not only political, but it has been used to spread political messages, perhaps in the wrong way. Because just as with all arts, we reinterpret the message and take ownership of its meaning to have a voice. So, what is the reason for the existence of

This is what we do. We don’t have a goal, we just do what we think is right so if someone reinterprets our songs in the wrong way it’s okay. Sometimes we talk about things that happen and other times we talk about our lives, so we
We express it in the most natural way possible.”

“Once music is released, it belongs to the listener. Young people listen to our songs, so it belongs to them, because we write for them. It’s up to them to find meaning or construct it.”

We live in a time when music is everywhere; We can consume it left and right until it is lost in the digital void, but will it ever expire? This is what they share with us. “Music doesn’t expire and maybe that’s the purpose of our lives: to make something that will stand the test of time. We have the opportunity to make music we like, with our own sound, in our own world. So I hope other people are inspired to express themselves freely in their own way.”

After the shows in Mexico the band will have some plans, a new album? We cannot guarantee it, however, they assured that we will be able to listen to new songs
during your visit.


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