Interview with The Mariachi Ghost


“If you are a musician, writing songs is very easy because that is what you do, it is the way in which your heart is expressed and you can do anything, but trying to give it a political and meaningful message is complicated,” Jorque Requena.

Since its formation in 2009, The Mariachi Ghost has stood out for fusing genres in a unique way, exploring the complexity of pro rock with Mexican music. His last work, Child Two, reveals a great sonic evolution. In this interview with Jorge Requenawe discover the group’s creative process.

The musical journey of The Mariachi Ghost It started with their first album which took five years to develop. The eight-piece band broke down the complexities of Mexican music and fused elements of pro rock, however, clarity of ideas became a creative challenge for their second album.

What we have always done is try to use musical styles and genres as brushes to paint different colors in the music.”

The group’s artistic influence extends beyond music. Jorge shared how the mural Tropical America of David Alfaro Siqueiros influenced the single “The Imperial Hurricane”. “It is the reflection of Siqueirosthey asked him to do a mural in a market that was for tourists in Los Angeles in which all the Mexicans were dressed as Mexicans,” he explained Jorge. Criticism of capitalism and reflection on the loss of cultural identity are intertwined with his musical proposal.

Winners of Best World Music Album with their self-titled debut, the group expresses a powerful political discourse. They highlight their commitment to the ideological struggle and the representation of Latin American diasporas in North America, using music to express the realities of those who fight for their cultural identity.

We are members of diasporas. (…) It is important to reflect that these worlds still exist.”

The band faces unique challenges in their creative process, especially being an eight-member cooperative. “It’s very complicated. We fight and we get very angry with each other,” he confessed. Jorge. However, the diversity of individual styles balances out to create a cohesive and authentic sound.

The Mariachi Ghost stands as a force of cultural and political resistance in the current musical panorama.

“The Imperial Hurricane” is now available on all digital platforms, and we are looking forward to the next album.


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