Interview with Weyes Blood


The complexity of keeping your essence intact in a world that tramples on flowers.

Natalie Mering better known as Weyes Bloodarrived in CDMX to present their most recent material And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow (2022) on the last date of your In Holy Flux Tourin front of an audience that had been waiting for years for the Californian artist to visit Mexican lands, and of course they were noticed, as the audience flooded the floor of the BB Auditorium to enjoy a magical and unforgettable night.

A few hours before their presentation, we had the opportunity to enter the dressing room of Natalie to talk about the evolution the album has enjoyed since its release, as well as his mission as an artist, the growth he has experienced behind Weyes Blood and the changes she would make to make the world a better place.

When an album is released to the market, in spirit, it stops belonging to the artist and becomes a piece that belongs to the audience that enjoys the work that their favorite musician did throughout the production process. The most recent album of Weyes Blood It has already been on the market for a year, which is 365 days in which the public has enjoyed the opportunity to connect with each of the words and chords that Natalie prepared for everyone. After talking about how good the parties are in Tijuana, the artist commented on her album:

“It’s been out for a year now, but it has felt like longer. It’s amazing that during the quarantine years I knew I had to do something different, but I was always afraid that people would sleep on my work. “I made a lot of decisions that led the album toward a more artistic ending, and I feel blessed that the audience was able to connect in such a wonderful way.”

Each album has its challenges and complications, there are pieces that build themselves and others that seem impossible to finish. In the case of And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow, the single that was most complicated for Natalie was “Children of the Empire”, due to the high chord changes it presents and its complex structure. But there are also pieces that are finished so quickly, it seems like they were destined to be born. For this album, this piece was “God Turn Me Into a Flower”.

‘God Turn Me into a Flower’ was the lightest single to create and I think it’s my favorite. I remember I was holding on to the idea of ​​making the whole album very complex, but when I was writing this track, I realized that everything was very simple and I loved it. Things just are the way they are, and I love writing like that.”

Precisely with this simple we can understand a large part of the personality of Nataliesince it expresses the high magnitude that her emotions have within her personality, making her a soft person, but who generally tends to be very hard or critical of her work and achievements.

That song is like a reality check. There are people who are trampled on just for being kind or calmer than usual. That is a habit of life, but it is not a sufficient reason to want to change and take your personality towards something that fits with what others want from you.”

The life of Natalie It has taken her through different facets, but what she always makes evident is that from the beginning she considered herself an introspective person and more of a person who did not fit in with what surrounded her in her younger years. But now, we cannot deny the level of power that she has on stage, since her concerts become more of a sensory experience full of lights and details that leave any of the attendees amazed.


“I always projected myself on stage. I loved the whole grunge movement and rock bands, but you know, I never expected to be a solo act, although it makes perfect sense because of the influences that mark my work.

The truth is, I love being on stage and sharing my emotions with the audience, and if I had the opportunity to say something to the little girl Natalie who felt so alone, I would only say: ‘practice more piano, take care of yourself and stop comparing yourself, because you are enough just being Natalie’”

Something we must also understand about the work of Natalie, is that she uses the position she has acquired with the development of her career to establish her ideals and struggles in a large number of her songs. Her activism is evident to those who follow her work and she will never stop spreading her message for the world as a space of tolerance and respect.

I consider that whoever is in the spotlight has a great responsibility. And whenever I can pick up a microphone to establish love over any situation of political interest, I will. If I could change the way politics is done, I would, but I still haven’t figured it out.”

In this way we ended a fleeting, but enriching conversation with Natalie Mering, who that night took the stage of the BB Auditorium to hypnotize an audience that did not stop chanting any word of his songs. Without a doubt, a magical night.


Written by

Christopher Johnson

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