Irene Córcoles releases ‘Closet’, a single that screams freedom

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Irene Corcoles it show us Closet, his latest single in which he shouts out the freedom of feeling free to love anyone, leaving behind what they will say. The young singer from Alicante releases her fifth single to say goodbye to the year and position herself as one of the emerging artists with the most projection on social networks.

With lyrics in English and a video clip in which she gives off a very good vibe while doing the laundry, Irene exposes how outdated the step of “coming out” is but that, on many occasions, it is still something necessary for people in the that you surround yourself with, just accept who you are.

The one from Alicante moves between several genres, but above all pop and rock and usually combines Spanish with English. Without a doubt, one of the strong and distinct points of her as an artist is that, despite her youth, she is very clear about the messages and values ​​that she wants to transmit with her music. Among the topics that she usually discusses are, for example, mental health or overcoming personal challenges.

Before ClosetIrene launched 5015in reference to his casting number Operation Triunfo 2023 and that has managed to have a great impact on TikTok, with more than a hundred videos with the audio of the song. In fact, one’s own Ruslanacontestant of O.T.created a dance for the social network trend.


140k views on spotify!! THANK YOU #ot2023 #5015irene #otcastingfinal #otgala3 #trend #parati #viral #operaciontriunfo

♬ 5015 – Irene Córcoles

The funny anecdote at the OT casting

Irene Corcoles was one of the thousands of people who showed up in the summer for the casting of Triumph operationHowever, she was one of the lucky few who achieved the ‘Prime Pass’ and made it to the final phases. And in one of the many tests that the contestants have to do, the woman from Alicante was the protagonist of a funny anecdote that went viral on TikTok.

After the performances of several colleagues, it was finally Irene’s turn who, before starting to sing, introduced herself with this particular confession: “My name is Irene Córcoles. I am from the ‘Pase Prime’ generation, although today I forgot my neck brace at home. It’s just that I got up at six in the morning. Oh, my goodness! But it doesn’t matter…”But here I am! Let’s go for it.”

@Triumph operation

As @NoeGalera says: What an edition awaits us! 😱 #OTValencia #OTCasting2023 #MusicaEnTikTok

♬ original sound – Operación Triunfo 🎤

What Noemi Galeracasting and Academy director, responded with: “Get ready for an incredible edition!”

Finally, Irene Corcoles failed to enter Operation Triunfo 2023 but with his recent singles he is showing that he has plenty of talent and that he can go very far with his music.


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