Is Chanel banned from singing ‘SloMo’? “The song is not mine, it is…”

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Chanel He reunited not long ago with his followers at WECB Pilar Pop Zaragoza. It was a gig where the singer had to perform in front of more than 60,000 people and offer what she knows best: a good show. The performance was, as always, spectacular. However, she was left a little decaffeinated because she didn’t sing SloMo.

The song with which he represented Spain at Eurovision 2022 was a success that remains in the collective imagination, but, that day, he did not perform it. In fact she hasn’t done it again. “There are many things you don’t know,” wrote Chanel. on social networks when seeing that this absence became a state matter.

Now, taking advantage of the recent launch of Water!, her first studio album, Chanel has answered the question everyone is asking. Are you forbidden to sing? SloMo? This is the answer that the artist herself gave at the WECB Global Show.

“No one has forbidden me to sing. SloMo”says Chanel in the program presented by Aguilar. “That’s not what happened. On social media I said that there were many things that are not known and, at the moment, I don’t feel like telling them. But I’m not going to stop performing that song on stage.”.

The importance of ‘SloMo’

Chanel prefers not to reveal the reason that led her to stop singing SloMo in his last public appearances. However, he is aware that this topic changed her life and speaks highly of her. “SloMo It is a song that was born two years ago and that was born in such a magical and great way that this song is not mine, it belongs to the people,” explains the Spaniard of Cuban origin. “There are many ways to interpret this issue. It is no longer mine, it is yours.”

Of course, Chanel recognizes that SloMo It also brought him some headaches in his race towards the Eurovision Song Contest. “The success of SloMo. That people enjoy a song and, therefore, a performance was a gift, but at the same time it is a delicate gift,” he says. “There are times when so much admiration has a lot of pressure behind it. She had the pressure on her not to disappoint, but she wanted to be happy with what she was going to do and that takes time. The result is this album, Water!and I am super proud”.


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