“Is she okay? This photo has people worried about her mental health”.


NBA Youngboy Appears to be on a Downward Spiral

Rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again seems to be in a state of decline, raising concerns among his fans about his mental health. A photo has surfaced showing the rapper consuming a colossal amount of drugs.

The man who was once seen as unbreakable is slowly beginning to falter. Youngboy Never Broke Again has been increasingly using drugs, reportedly ingesting 32 pills in one day, including 10 at once, according to Frenchrapus. This is one of the reasons why fans of the Louisiana rapper are worried about his mental health.

Despite his struggles, NBA Youngboy has not stopped making music. He released two lengthy projects in 2023 (Decided 2, Richest Opp) and appears to be preparing a new album for 2024. The success continues for the performer of ‘Outside Today’, with 11 certifications in 2023, including both albums and singles. However, this drug dependence could have negative consequences. Juice Wrld saw his career cut short after a drug overdose in 2019. This is a situation to keep an eye on..

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