It has been confirmed that Eminem will be part of Fortnite and that it will also come with several surprises

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The development company of Fortnite, Epic Gameslaunched Chapter 1 at the beginning of this month of November, with the aim of once again attracting the most nostalgic players.

Now, the company surprises us with a very special guest. After a couple of days in which rumors and leaks have not stopped, the participation of Eminem. It will be from the last days of this month of November. Will do it at the next event The Big Bang But what is not yet known is if he will also perform during it, as other artists such as Ariana Grande, Marshmello either Major Lazer. Although the rapper’s performance is not confirmed, on social networks several of the video game’s followers have speculated about this possibility, since on the blog of Fortnite where the news has been published, the article has the same title as that of Ariana Grande at the time, who did act. “See Eminem…like Eminem,” they wrote from the official website of the famous video game.


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If you follow in the footsteps of the singer 7 Rings, Eminem will offer a virtual show of approximately ten minutes in length in which he will perform his best-known songs, such as Lose Yourself, Without Me either Mockingbird.

In this way, the American rapper will close the final event of the Chapter 4 of Fortnite, on December 2, marking a new beginning for the video game. In addition, before the celebration of this event, starting on November 29, new skins will be added based on the look of Eminemincluding his own gestures, such as “Rap Boy”, “Slim Shady” and “Marshall Never More”.

The day Eminem won an Oscar

In the ninety-second edition of the Oscar awardsin the year 2003, Eminem was awarded the prize for Best Original Song by Lose Yourselfsoundtrack of 8 milesa biopic about his career in hip hop in which he himself starred.

Despite the award, the rapper preferred not to attend the gala and, instead, send Luis Resto, personal friend and music producer, to collect the statuette. In 2007, in an interview he gave in Behind The Boards He explained the reasons that led him to make that decision.

I wasn’t sure what exactly Grammy or Oscar meant, what certain awards meant, even the MTV ones. All of that, I just didn’t know what awards meant and this one (Oscar) in particular didn’t either. I didn’t know. I didn’t go to the show“I felt like I had a great chance of winning a snowball,” said the Missourian.

“Rap never rocked so well on anything. That was one of the reasons I didn’t go to the Grammy Awards that I was invited to. I didn’t understand why there was a rap category and a best album category, and I couldn’t understand why the rap album can’t be in the best album category.”he declared Eminem about his absence at the gala.

However, years later, he surprised everyone with an incredible performance at the Academy Awards evening. Film Academy which was held in Los Angeles in February 2020. Eminem projected a video while it was playing Don’t You Forget About Me of The Breakfast Club and Fight The Power of Do the Right Thingwhich gave way to the first chords of Lose Yourself with which the rapper appeared on stage.


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