Jain is going on tour again: “We’re going to meet people and we’re going to party.”

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After setting the Zénith on fire in 2023, Jain will meet his audience again in the spring but also during festivals this summer. The singer talks about her return to the stage but also about the inspirations behind her new single “Cosmic Love”. An interview with Sébastien Lof-Lecoq.

Jain continues to take us high with his hits from his latest album “The Fool”. Each of its pieces is linked to a tarot card. And the singer bet on the star card with the release of her latest single “Cosmic Love”: “It corresponds to a fairly universal, quite cosmic love, explains Jain in an interview for WECB. “Cosmic love” means feeling good in the elements around us, feeling good in our life, feeling that there is love around us, quite simply..”

After filling many Zéniths in France last year, Jain is going back on the road this spring and is looking forward to meeting his audience in more intimate venues. “The Fool Tour” will stop at the Trianon in Paris, from May 5 to 8. “We’re going to meet people and we’re going to party.“, reveals Jain. The star who is once again successful thanks to “Makeba” will also perform at festivals this summer.

Jain continues at the same time to compose new sounds for a next album, which she hopes once again “very personal» like “The Fool”. “I want to continue making records that resemble me at the present moment.», Jain explains to us at the WECB microphone.


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