Jarabe de Palo announces a tribute tour to Pau Donés in 2024

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Palo Syrup announced this Tuesday that it will offer seventeen concerts in different Spanish cities during the months of February, March and April 2024 to honor Pau Donésits vocalist who died in 2020.

“Aware of the mark he has left, Pau’s friends and family decided to work on the idea of ​​a show in concert format to honor him as a musician, composer and person”Marc Donés, the singer’s brother, said in a statement.

As confirmed by Tronco Records, the record label founded by Donés, there will be concerts in Gijon (February 9), Bilbao (Feb. 10), Pamplona (February 11th), Valencia (February 15), Murcia (February 17th), Girona (23 of February), Majorca (March 8), Santiago de Compostela (March, 15th), To Coruña (March 16), Lleida (March 22) and Saragossa (23 of March).

Additionally, they will play in Seville (April 4), Malaga (5th of April), Grenade (6 of April), Alicante (April 12th), Barcelona (April 26) and Madrid (April 27), where this tribute tour will end.

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Mythical songs by Jarabe de Palo

The songs, performed by the original band and three selected vocalists, will be seventeen themes composed by the singer from Huesca that show the different musical stages that the group has gone through in its 24 years of history, among them The skinny girl, Shouts, Two days in the life, Sleep with me and The dark side.

The show will feature video projections that will refer to Pau Donés, in which “life lessons” from the singer will be reflected. The lighting design custom made by his childhood friend and illuminator Jarabe de Palo, Michael Clot, will play an important role and provide a special atmosphere at every moment of the concert. The Jarabe de Palo band will be the same one with which Pau did his last concerts during The 20 years tourin 2017.

Pau Donés during a Jarabe de Palo concert in La Coruña, in 2017. / Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

The production has the musical direction of Micky Forteza-Rey (co-producer of Jarabe de Palo) who has been a key person in the careful selection of the compositions that will be performed at the concert. Tickets are now available at www.entradas.com.

Pau Donés He died on June 9, 2020 at the age of 53.after having relapsed from colon cancer that was diagnosed in 2015.

The Aragonese, raised in Barcelona, ​​started with music at the age of 12 when he got his first guitar. At 15 he formed his first group with his brother Marc, J. & Co. Bandbefore later forming the band Dentures.

Donés later founded Jarabe de Palo, and rose to fame with albums like The skinny girl (1996) and later with Depends (1998). With the group, Donés also released albums such as Back and forth (2001), Pretty (2003), 1 m2 (2004), Are (2014), 50 sticks (2017) and the last Swallow or spit (2020).


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