Jeremy Ayala, son of Daddy Yankee, dedicates a tender message to him after announcing his new life

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Being a son of Daddy Yankee and not being born with a passion for music is like being born in Spain and not having listened or danced The Macarena. It is possible that it could happen, but it would be almost inexplicable. This is the case of Jeremy Ayala, the middle son of the considered King of Reggaeton who has shown that musical production is his thing.

A few weeks ago we talked to you about him in WECB Urban and we tell you that he has already worked with artists such as Myke Towers, Bad Gyal and Duki, among others. But if he has shown something throughout all this time, it is that he feels true admiration for his great mentor, who could not be other than his father.

Now that Daddy Yankee has permanently retired from music, he has taken a new direction in his life. In the last concert of his career, which took place a few hours ago in Puerto Rico, he assured that he will focus on Jesus Christ. “I was able to travel the world for years, win many awards, applause and praise, but I realized something that the Bible says: What good is it for a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul? That’s why, tonight, I recognize and I am not ashamed to tell the whole world that Jesus lives in me and that I will live for him,” he said on stage.

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These words, as well as the decision to retire from music to dedicate himself to Jesus, have been praised by Jeremy on the networks. He has shared a photo with his father, to whom he gives some nice words: “Daddy, now you have reached the true goal. Nothing like being hand in hand with God. I love you and I am very proud of you,” says the young man in an Instagram Story.

Jeremy Ayala dedicates a few words to his father Daddy Yankee

Jeremy Ayala dedicates a few words to his father Daddy Yankee

At just 25 years old, Jeremy has discovered and developed his true passion. And having the interpreter of Gasoline as a reference and source of inspiration for his projects is something that has pushed him to pursue his dream of devoting himself to music. Now that his father has retired from the industry, we are convinced that he will have even more free time to enjoy Jeremy’s inspiration and his talent producing songs for other artists together.

Long live the music of Daddy Yankee!


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