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Joaquín Sabina is immersed in his tour Against all odds. After his performances in Spain, in mid-October the musician crossed the pond again to take to the stages in Mexico and the United States.

Last Thursday, November 16, Sabina performed at the Hulu Theater. There, the Spanish singer He managed to bring the spectators of the Madison Square Garden theater in New York to their feet on several a concert in which the poor voice of the 74-year-old singer-songwriter was forgiven by an audience that was already exhausted.

Sabina, according to EFE, He didn’t say a word in English during the two-hour concert.perhaps because he knew what audience he was addressing: an amalgamation of all the Latin communities of New York, who knew all his songs by heart, even the most recent ones.

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There were many people over forty in the room, and even more those over fifty, who had paid close to $100 to fill the 5,500 seats in the theater and who in some cases came from other cities in the United States.

“This Latin public has the same homeland as me, which is not a territory, but the same language”said Sabina at the beginning of the concert, to receive one of the many ovations that were given to her throughout the night.

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And even more so how grateful he was to them that at the same time of his concert, another great like Bob Dylan was singing at the Beacon Theater and those present at the Madison – he joked – would have preferred to see the Spanish singer ahead of the American.

Although they applauded the twenty songs that the artist performed, it was obvious that this audience had come to listen to Sabina’s legendary songs, and He gave himself up to the point of delirium when the time came to Down the boulevard of broken dreams and the singer was silent so everyone was chanting loudly “… how Chavela cries”.

Measuring your voice and your strength

The musician from Jaén knows that his strength is not enough and, just as he compensates with the microphone for his brittle voice, he also avoided the slightest physical wear and tear. he spent the entire concert sitting on a stool or a low chair while singing.

There were a couple of times when Sabina He retired to the dressing room to let other members of the group sing in his place.but the public did not take it into account: at some point they even chanted his name with a “Oé, oé, oé, oé… Joaquín, Joaquín”.

It was in the second hour of the concert when the singer-songwriter gave the audience what they had come to hear: great hits like A love for Magdalena, 19 days and 500 nights either Princesswhich with its rock rhythm made everyone dance.

A farewell that no one believed lasted just a few minutes and the whole band came out on stage again: Sabina, now With his characteristic black top hat, he intoned With you and, as an end to the party, he linked wedding nights with And they got ten. The audience, embraced, loudly sang the last song, knowing that it may be the last time they will see their idol on stage in the Big Apple.


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