Jorge González takes legal action after the Benidorm Fest: “Many red lines have been crossed”

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There is no Benidorm Fest without eurodrama. And we are not referring to all the commotion that is happening with the lyrics of Bitch from Nebulossa. But to the last interview that Jorge González, one of the participants in this 2024 edition, has given to the 20-minute newspaper. And the singer is not at all satisfied with the jury’s vote.

The singer, who came fourth in the ranking with his song Caliente, assures that he “saw himself” winning. And in the second semi-final he was the one with the most votes from the public, something that made him think that he could win the bronze microphone of the Spanish festival. Furthermore, the artist was just two votes away from Bitch in the televoting of the grand final.

But the jury’s evaluations left him in a bad place. And none of them rated Caliente among the five best. In this way, Jorge González was automatically left out of the top 3.

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“Beatriz Luengo said that the whole was going to be valued and that was not the case. I did not feel fully valued because we must take into account that, with the addition of the demoscopic vote and the televoting, we obtained almost 90% of the total. The public’s opinion didn’t matter because the jury left me out of action,” says Jorge.

Jorge already told WECB that he was going for everything, having a performance with which he aspired to win Eurovision. Of course, as the singer assures, this time it couldn’t be: “I feel sad because we were very excited to live this experience, and angry because somehow, even with a lot of support from the public, the jury didn’t let us continue.” playing in the final.”

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Jorge González takes action

The artist has acknowledged that during these days he has received many hate messages on social networks. But the artist has already taken action. “Those same people who are praising feminism and equality are the same people who have been savagely insulting me for weeks,” he said.

In this way, Jorge acknowledges that he has already taken legal action: “Many red lines have been crossed and I have had to file occasional complaints due to the serious attacks of hate and racism that I have received. “I am very surprised, for example, that they have called me ‘faggot gypsy’ in a derogatory tone and that many times those words have been written by people from the same group.”


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