Julia Holter announces new album, ‘Something in the Room She Moves’

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Something in the Room She Movesreveals the fascinating sonic odyssey of the Californian artist.

The acclaimed singer-songwriter, Julia Holterhas revealed details about his next album, Something in the Room She Movesscheduled for release on March 22 under the label Domino. Holterknown for her unique artistic approach, explores human presence and corporeality in her sixth studio album, drawing inspiration from the transformative complexity of our bodies.

This new work immerses itself in a “fluid sound world that evokes the interior of the organism”, where electric bass lines and warm winds intertwine to create a unique listening experience. Along with the announcement, the artist has shared the hypnotic central single, “Spinning”a piece that questions the circular magic that surrounds it.

With “Spinning” As the central core, the album promises to be a unique experience, where the artist seeks to “create a world that sounds fluid, as if watery, evoking the internal sound of one’s own body.” The songs, influenced by the recent personal experiences of Holterare presented as a reflective work, even dedicated to the memory of one of his nephews.

The album, which marks the return of Holter At the full length, it features an intriguing list of tracks, among which standouts “Spinning” and other compositions like “Sun Girl” and “Evening Mood”. “Something in the Room She Moves” promises to be a musical journey that captures the essence of human transformation, providing a unique sensory experience for listeners.


1. “Sun Girl”
2. “These Mornings”
3. “Something in the Room She Moves”
4. “Matter”
5. “Meyou”
6. “Spinning”
7. “Ocean”
8. “Evening Mood”
9. “Talking to the Whisper”
10. “Who Brings Me”


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