Jung Kook (BTS) talks about his solo career: “I want to do a solo world tour”

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Since he embarked on his solo career – while the rest of the members of BTS also continue on their path, either with their own projects or fulfilling their mandatory military service -, Jung Kook has achieved a series of milestones that have placed him at the top of the global music industry. Among other achievements, his collaboration seven (feat. Latto) has positioned itself as the fastest hit to reach, no more and no less than, one billion reproductions on digital platforms; as well as it has been certified as a platinum record. Similarly, it has replaced itself on the list of songs with the most streams on Spotify.

In case all this was not enough for you, their debut album Golden It has risen to the Top 3 on lists as prestigious as the United Kingdom (UK) in just three days—it was released on November 3. To present this new project, chat a little about his present and express his future plans, the K-Pop idol has visited Fallon Tonight.

Presenter Jimmy Fallon has been in charge of giving all this good news to the South Korean. Some facts that the artist himself hoped to obtain, due to the effort he has invested in his work. However, has “exceeded all the limits of his imagination”, as he has expressed in the program.

Jung Kook has thanked ARMY for everything that is happening, a fan base without which he could not have achieved everything he has achieved. He has stated that “if it weren’t for them, none of this would have been possible.”

Precisely, BTS and ARMY are two of the things he is most proud of. “If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he reiterated.

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The origin of the title Golden

The idol has explained that the title of his first album comes from one of the nicknames that RM gave him, his BTS partner. Specifically “Golden maknae”, which means “the youngest golden in the group” in Korean.

“I have a lot of connection with the term ‘Golden’, because when my mother was pregnant with me she had a ‘golden dream’ (which is synonymous with wealth and prosperity) and, if I look at the journey I have made, everything has happened like a ‘golden moment’. So when I thought about the name of the album, Golden It was the only word that was on my mind,” he added.

With this job, The singer wanted to show from a versatile point of view the universal emotion that is love. That is why the album is divided into a more danceable part, with happy songs, and another with sadder ballads. “I wanted to embark on my solo path because I wanted to try different musical genres and that is what I have tried here (on the album),” she expressed.

He has also confessed that he taught his new songs to his boyband mates, since he is still very close to them after a decade working together. And he has also stated that he would like to offer live shows around the planet: “Of course I would like to do a solo world tour, but I think I don’t have enough songs yet. So, first I want to do more songs and, when is ready, I could do the tour with all the machinery.

Jung Kook will give a concert on November 20 from the Jangchung Arena in Seoul. This Golden Live On Stage will be broadcast via streaming for all fans who cannot attend in person.


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