Justin Timberlake premieres ‘Selfish’ live and announces album: ‘Everything I thought it was’

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Justin Timberlake returns to music. He had not published new material since 2018, the year he released his last studio album. Man of the woods, but last Friday, January 19, he presented to his fans the preview of his future album, which will be titled Everything I thought it was.

The first single of this new era is called selfie and, far from being the reissue of the NSYNC song that dates back to 2001, it is a completely unreleased song. The singer already left some clues on his Instagram profile after publishing a photo with the album’s initials and in which he himself appeared on a poster for “Lost. Have you seen this man? Information needed.”

He presented the song at the only concert he gave in his native Memphis. “So if I get jealous, I can’t help it, I want every bit of you, I guess I’m selfish. “It’s bad for my mental, but I can’t fight it.”can be heard in the chorus of the R&B-inspired song.



♬ Selfish – Justin Timberlake

The release date of this single is still unknown, but the singer has shared both a fragment of the studio version and a small trailer with Benicio del Toro as narrator with small glimpses of what we can expect.

“What do we have here? That’s a nice car… Wait it’s a model! Did I mention it’s JT? Okay, that sunset isn’t real at all. Aww, there’s Justin. Why don’t I know “What the hell are you looking at?”, comments the voice-over about a kind of model that places us in a gas station in the middle of the desert, where a convertible arrives pushed by the hand of Timberlake, who we never see. face; He keeps his back to the camera the entire time.

Many fans have been happy with the news of his comebackbut others have not been able to help but wonder what is happening with the *NSYNC reunionwhich seemed to go beyond the premiere of Best Placea song that plays in the third installment of Trollsa film in which Justin is the protagonist (as a voice actor).


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