Justin Timberlake will release ‘Selfish’ this Friday, January 25

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The return of Justin Timberlake The musical news is already here. We can almost touch it with our fingers. One of the few unknowns that remained around his new album project has been resolved and the American artist will present his new song, selfiethis same Friday, January 25.

It will be the first single that we will know from his sixth studio album, Everything I thought it was. Although in reality we are talking about the studio version of the topic because The live version was already presented a few days ago at the concert that the musician gave in his native Memphis.

“So if I get jealous, I can’t help it, I want every bit of you, I guess I’m selfish. It’s bad for my mental, but I can’t fight it “I want everything from you, I guess I’m selfish. It’s bad for my mental health, but I can’t fight it)” could be heard in the chorus of the song.

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It was Justin Timberlake himself who, through his social networks, set a date for the launch, revealing the cover of the single taken by photographer Charlotte Rutherford. As we already saw in the preview presentation of the first details, the artist has his back to the camera so the aesthetic concept of the LP still remains a mystery.

“What do we have here? That’s a nice car… Wait it’s a model! Did I mention it’s JT? Okay, that sunset isn’t real at all. Aww, there’s Justin. Why don’t I know “What the hell are you looking at?” the voice-over commented in the teaser about a kind of model that places us in a gas station in the middle of the desert, where a convertible arrives pushed by Timberlake’s hand, which in no way moment we see his face; He keeps his back to the camera the entire time.

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Everything I thought it was will put an end to almost 6 years of recording silence since the publication in 2018 of his fifth studio album: Man of the woods. There are just a couple of days left until a new musical era begins in the performer’s career. as we anticipated when he deleted all the publications from his official Instagram account. From what we have been able to see, this Friday Justin will arrive accompanied by Benicio del Toro and who knows if any other stars for the premiere of selfie.


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