Kali Uchis makes her ‘Orchids’ bloom and plants another seed with the announcement of her pregnancy

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Kali Uchis released her sixth studio album this Friday, January 12 orchids. However, these flowers are not the only ones she has been growing these past few months. Along with the launch, the artist also has confirmed that she is pregnantand has done so through the music video that includes Your heart is mine / Goddess.

The Colombian-American is waiting her first child with Don Toliverthe rapper with whom he has shared life since 2021. “We started our family. Don’t take too long to arrive, little pooks“Mom and dad are looking forward to sharing our lives with you,” the singer said on Instagram with a brief fragment of the official video.

A video clip that combines images of the couple in their kitchen with other home videos of what seems like each other’s childhood: in the living room of their house, on the beach… However, they have also shared videos of both in a medical consultation for an ultrasound, at home, etc.

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What stands out most about this video clip is the chosen mash-up. On the one hand Your heart is mine is dedicated to her boyfriend, with whom he has lived for years and is about to begin a new and exciting stage in their relationship. “This love I have is for you (…) We have been together for a while and things sometimes get complicated, but for you I will do it a hundred thousand times more,” read some of her verses.

On the other hand, with Goddess What Kali Uchis does is show herself to us as a divinity; in this case, fertility. The interpreter of Bitten lips It is Mother Nature from which everything germinates, like the water that evaporates from the waves of the sea, condenses in the clouds and waters the roots of the trees to bear fruit.

Kali Uchis brings together the Latin artists of the moment

In addition to these two tracks, Kali Uchis has managed to get hold of the Latin artists of the last year. Without going any further, a month ago we were able to hear Bitten lips as the album’s first anticipated collaboration. A reggaeton with a lot of empowerment at the hip. A song that we were able to put into our imagination thanks to Karol G’s performance in the Billboard Music Awards.

Featherweight leave aside the lying down corridos to participate in just like an angel; Rauw Alejandro puts the futuristic touch of Saturn in There is no law part 2. Finally Uchis gets fully into the dembow with the signature The Alfa and JT with little doll.

Which is your favorite?


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