Karol G gives a concert in a women’s prison and everyone focuses on the same phrase

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Karol G is a very cool aunt. That’s how it is. The Colombian star is experiencing one of her best professional moments. This 2023 he has released two studio albums, Tomorrow will be nice and Bichota Season, adding millions of reproductions. He has also won three Latin Grammys, including best album of the year, and has swept his tour of the United States.

But the best thing about Karol G is not all the awards and achievements she has achieved this year. Not at all! The best thing about her is the huge heart she has about her. Carolina Giraldo has once again demonstrated the enormous empathy she has. And this very Thursday, November 23, she performed in a concert in a women’s prison.

The musical star has surprised the inmates of the Ibagué Prison and Penitentiary Complex in Colombia to give an exclusive concert. A way to bring hope and joy to the most vulnerable populations.

It has been the Foundation itself, With Cora, from the artist who has reported on this show that the star gave. Not only that, some videos of the artist singing for the prisoners have also circulated.

It has been one of these moments that has gone viral the most. And the singer has sung the song El Makinón, one of the singles from KG0516, where there is a phrase that the inmates have chanted while the star smiled: “From a young girl breaking the law, they throw me but there is no break.”


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With Cora Tour

This concert is going to be the first of several that Karol G is going to give in Colombia under the name Con Cora Tour. Together with his foundation, the Colombian star is going to visit some places in his country to bring some light and hope.

“We are very proud to embark on this ‘Con Cora Tour’, inspired by the social mission of our founder Karol G and with the purpose of bringing light and hope to vulnerable communities,” said the director of the foundation.

But this tour not only seeks to entertain women who are living in vulnerable places. They also want to support them with equipment. In this way, Karol G and her foundation have donated water tanks and fans for this prison. A way for the people who live there to be calmer.

Karol G is not the first artist to offer a concert in a prison. The star joins the long list of singers who have gone to prison to encourage inmates. Well-known groups such as Calamaro, Rosendo, Metallica, Johnny Cash or Tokischa have done the same.


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