Khruangbin announces album and releases “A Love International”

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An environment interconnected with nature and reality itself.

Include your alerts on April 5, since that is the day it will be released TO THE ROOM the fourth album in the career of Khruangbinthis through Dead Oceansin association with Night Time Stories Ltd. The 12 songs of TO THE ROOM were built from the creative past of Khruangbin, assembling the parts of the band that have not been lost, but have not yet been exploited. After accumulating ideas that were originally captured in improvised recordings, like voice notes made at sound checks, on long trips, like distracted epiphanies, they began to fit those pieces together in the studio for the album.

For this album the band designed seven different covers, based on several travel photos from Markoand inspired by the surrealism of the Belgian artist Rene Magritte, scenes of impossible skies, external views that illuminate what is happening inside. These match directly with the images of David Black, Laura Lee and Markoillustrating the album where you can see the band and a window, being both the observer and the observed.


1.- “Fifteen Fifty-Three”
2.- “May Ninth”
3.- “Ada Jean”
4.- “Farolim de Felgueiras”
5.- “Pon Pón”
6.- “Still Alive”
7.- “Games and Clouds”
8.- “Hold Me Up (Thank You)”
9.- “Living Room Box”
10.- “Three From Two”
11.- “A Love International”
12.- “Les Petits Gris”

To give a preview of what will be TO THE ROOMtoday they are premiering with the first single “A Love International”a single illustrating the reflective and festive nature, with nostalgic vocals, with a guitar and bass duet. This song has become a vision for the band, which asks subtle questions about the surreal nature of the representation of art and reality itself.

Khruangbin, is a band originally from Houston, Texas. Composed of Laura Lee in the bass, Marko on the guitar and Donald Ray “DJ” in the battery; The characteristic hallmark of this band is the successful combination of global musical influences, with classic soul, dub and psychedelia, creating a versatility of sounds that has led to the debate among various critics to define the genre of this trio, however, the band It is not intended to be pigeonholed into a single genre.

Follow them on social networks so you don’t miss any details and while we leave you with “A Love International”, a true visual and sound treat. Press play!


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