“Last dance”: Indila releases a remix for the tenth anniversary of the title

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A real hit, “Last Dance” propelled Indila to the forefront in 2013. To mark the tenth anniversary of the title, she teamed up with producer Bennett to release a techno remix.

Indila appeared on the French music scene in November 2013. The singer released the song “Dernier danse” which immediately appealed to the French-speaking public. And if her face is unknown, the beauty had already put her voice on the titles of artists like Youssoupha, Soprano and DJ Abdel.

The single “Dernier danse” changed the situation and brought her out of the shadows, propelling her to number two in sales in France at the time. But after France, Indila seduced the international scene thanks to her offbeat universe combining electro-pop with the softness of poetry.

Personally, I didn’t really see it coming. I don’t think we’re ever ready. Such a radical rise is not easy. There are completely new sensations. There is a more pronounced enthusiasm. There are lots of things that I’m experiencing for the first time and that I didn’t know at all! I have to learn to channel all this, put it into perspective and only take the good side of it. My destination is unknown. I’ll let myself be tucked in and we’ll see where it takes me… “, she confided to PureCharts in 2014.

“Last Dance”: Indila and Bennett on an electro remix

After reaching 1.6 million worldwide sales and winning the Victoire de la Musique for Album of the Year for “Mini World”, in 2015, Indila completely disappeared from the radar. “ I had more or less offered and given most of what I had to give. I continued to live my life simply, always in the greatest discretion because it is in this state that I feel the best “, she declared in 2019, still at Purecharts, on the occasion of the release of “Parle à ta tête”. And although she mentioned the idea of ​​a second album at the time, the project unfortunately never saw the light of day.

But the singer knows how to please her audience. Indeed, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her first album, Indila unveiled a brand new version of “Last Dance”. This little bit of fresh air was given by the German producer Bennett, to whom we already owe the remix of “Vois sur ton chemin”. With this unique collaboration, the 2013 hit finds its place among nightclub anthems, especially as interest in the original title has increased thanks to Tiktok. On the social network, there are more than 2 million videos that repeat the heady refrain. On YouTube, it is the first French-speaking song to have exceeded one billion views. Enough to motivate the singer to make her comeback, who knows?


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