LATEST video for “Occhi lucidi” with Maria Esposito (Watch the video)

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BRIGHT EYES is the new unreleased song from ULTIMO, a song with lyrics and music by the Roman singer-songwriter who returns with a song of great impact and strong emotion.

We are all made a little like this: strong eyes and fragile hearts”

Ultimo sings in the key passage that frames the concept of the ballad, restoring the feeling of loss, not always easy to reveal, that unites everyone in a present with too many questions and few answers. In this limbo of expectations and the unsaid, running with your imagination to the things that are worth getting excited about is the only way to sweep away the mists of uncertainty and look to the future with new eyes and unchanged emotion.

The unreleased song is accompanied by the official video clip which boasts an excellent guest.
In fact, alongside ULTIMO is the actress Maria Esposito, who exploded as a mass phenomenon after her participation in the well-known series Mare Fuori in the role of Rosa Ricci, one of the most loved characters who most marked the success of the last season.
The video is directed by Younuts! (Antonio Usbergo and Niccolò Celaia) and Edoardo Palma, and produced by MAESTRO & Think Cattleya.



In fact, 7 months are missing from the live return scheduled for next summer, the already record-breaking tour ULTIMO STADI 2024 – THE FAIRYTALE CONTINUES…, 10 dates including a double at the Maradona in Naples, at the Olimpico in Turin and, for the second year of row, a magical hat-trick in the Roman capital (the first date is already sold out).

Ultimo thus confirms himself as the protagonist of live music in the large Italian stadiums for 3 years in a row.

2 June 2024 – Trieste @ Nereo Rocco Stadium (ZERO DATE)
8 June 2024 – Naples @ Diego Armando Maradona Stadium
9 June 2024 – Naples @ Diego Armando Maradona Stadium
15 June 2024 – Turin @ Olympic Stadium
16 June 2024 – Turin @ Olympic Stadium
22 June 2024 – Rome @ Stadio Olimpico (SOLD OUT)
June 23, 2024 – Rome @ Olympic Stadium
24 June 2024 – Rome @ Olympic Stadium
28 June 2024 – Messina @ San Filippo Stadium
6 July 2024 – Padua @ Euganeo Stadium


Click for info and purchase tickets



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