Leo Rizzi and Paty Cantú launch ‘Malvas’: “So that those we love know from today”

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Leo Rizzi has a new single and it is a collaboration with Paty Cantú. Its titled Mauveslike the flowers that are used for medicinal purposes and whose color is associated with romance and even nostalgia for lost love.

Along with the song, the Ibizan has shared a music video created by Take a Nap Producciones. In the clip, the singer appears sitting in front of a piano covered in moss and other plants, with a television next to it that projects the image of the Mexican born in Houston.

“A garden of hollyhocks will grow if you leave. It will rain a little more every September. I will buy a very large garden for when one day you are gone. Each hollyhock will remind me again…”says the chorus.

Cantú has expressed on the subject that “it is so that those we love know from today. Not waiting to lose them to tell them that when they leave, or we leave, we would fill the world with things to remember them 🌸”.

Composed by the two performers together with Héctor Rubén Mena Escudero and Oliver García Cerón, it is no coincidence that this single revolves around a herbaceous plant that grows in vacant land, orchards, crops, roadsides, waste dumps and gardens when they are neglected and that the saying “be raising hollyhocks” is used colloquially when someone dies. The origin of this expression comes from the ease with which mallow adapts to all types of surfaces and does not require specific care or a specific climate. Its growth is so rapid that it can become invasive.

Getting rid of prejudices, Leo Rizzi’s objective when composing

On January 19, Leo Rizzi visited the OT 2023 Academy and, in addition to singing in three voices with Álvaro Mayo and Paul (who that week would sing Poppies at the Gala 8) He gave very valuable advice for those who wanted to delve deeper into the world of composition.

“There is one thing in composition that is judgment. You judge first and you erase it… Like there was no possibility with that thing that started. Here, On top of that you are overexposed, I understand that that feeling of being judged grows by a thousand, but it’s a cool exercise so that people can also see that the first thing I compose is epic, no. There is a purification process and it starts with something,” he said.

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Then on Instagram, I developed this idea a little more about not throwing away a first draft with the aim of continuing creating: “At first when we compose with ourselves the voice of judgment takes away all our ideas and we tend to block ourselves. In my experience I try to never erase the first ideas!! They always serve to continue building, with the possibility of revisiting those first ideas that broke the blank page. kisses”.


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