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In 2024, Lil Nas Two weeks after “J Christ”, his controversial single, the rapper unveils “Where Do We Go Now?” », a title which precedes his documentary, “Long Live Montero”.

He is indeed back. Lil Nas

Arriving in force with the title “J Christ” two weeks ago, the 24-year-old rapper had to endure controversy on social networks. Faced with the comments of his detractors, he justified himself by asserting: “ The idea was to say, I’m back like Jesus. (…) I’m not the first person to dress like Jesus, I’m not the only artist, I’m not the only rapper and I won’t be the last “.

But just two weeks after his title’s rocky start, Lil Nas “.

It was on Twitter that Lil Nas X announced the release of the single with an ounce of sarcasm: “Good news, I’m releasing a new song to accompany your depression “.

Once again, he slows down the tempo and offers a ballad through which he meditates on his insecurities. “ Suddenly gravity is like me / It pulls me down every chance it gets / It keeps me tied to the way I am, oh / And therapy isn’t necessary / This is not good for me / Why would I want to talk about the shit I’ve done? “, he confides.

Second good news, “Where Do We Go?” » was released a few days before his documentary “Long Live Montero”, available since January 27 on HBO Max. We go behind the scenes of his world tour.

The rapper discusses his homosexuality and the criticism he has faced in recent years. “ When I was younger, my sexuality was like a taboo. I started having really bad attacks, anxiety. My coming out was very important in being able to progress.“, he admits in the teaser.


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