Lil Nas X already has a musical return date: “I am the favorite of the gods”

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“In the name of the father, of the son and of the holy spirit, amen,” wrote Lil Nas It is no coincidence. The rapper, who has turned each of his eras into a truly transgressive spectacle, has shared on his social networks the date of his musical return. After two years without releasing music, Lil Nas X returns next Friday, January 12, in style.

“New song and visuals, next week,” the young man began by writing on his networks. “I know it’s been two years, but are you ready for the show?” Was another of the messages that the artist shared with his followers.

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But the thing didn’t stop there. The singer, who is a true hype machine, also changed the profile photo of all his social networks. Now we can see an eye whose veins make a shape that looks like a star. A symbol that has all the earmarks of being your new hallmark.

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The launch message

Before starting this era. Lil Nas wanted to reflect on what has happened to him in recent years. And it is worth remembering that the artist became known in 2019 thanks to the global success of Old Town Road with Billie Ray Cyrus. Although many thought that her success was going to be just a single, they were completely wrong.

Two years later, Lil Nas appeared surprising the world with Montero. A song that not only was a success, but also left the entire music industry impressed by its incredible video clip. Months later he released the self-titled album with hits like Industry Baby either That’s I Want. No, Lil Nas X was not a One Hit Wonder.

“I love the constant energy that the world has with me. When I started making music, you told me I was just another Twitter rapper. Then I made the biggest song of all time,” Lil Nas Old Town Road.

“Everyone called me One Hit Wonder. Then I made one of the most streamed albums of the year, with three hits in the top five. Now they’re saying my new shit isn’t going to do anything. You guys haven’t realized I’m the one favorite of the gods”, he ended up saying along with the release date of his new song. And he has every indication that this last sentence, so damning, is going to be part of this new single.

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Just a few weeks ago, Lil Nas X announced on his social networks that he had just filmed a video clip. The first he had directed in his entire career.. Taking into account that Lil always sets the bar very high, we are sure that this new work will not leave anyone indifferent. I can’t wait to listen to it!


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