Lil Nas X leaves his most sarcastic side and surprises with the ballad ‘Where Do We Go Now?’ which is part of his documentary

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A week ago Lil Nas X threw J Christ, a single that made it clear to us that he continues to be that transgressive artist who has no taboos regarding religion and looks for a way to question things. This week there is a new song, Where Do We Go Now?a ballad that tries to reach our most sensitive side and make us reflect.

Good news, I’m releasing new music to match your depression 🤍🫡”. With these words and a drawing made by hand by the artist Aaron FahyLil Nas X announced this new single for this Friday.

So where do we go now? We have seen everything we had to see. We figured it out, my love. So where are we going?“, says the letter that has a lot of existential and to consider how to face the future.

It is the song that plays in the credits of the documentary that we will know tomorrow. “Long Live Montero. My original documentary for HBO. Premieres January 27 on MAX.” There are already many prepared not to miss it,” he wrote on his networks along with the trailer. Some are already looking forward to seeing it.

  • Demi lovato: I can not wait
  • Addison Rae: ❤️
  • Anitta: Looooove

The project was presented at the Toronto International Film Festival delayed by a bomb threat last September 2023.

A personal vision

“Some people think my music is great. Some see me as a satanic demon. But what about me? ”She says from the bed. It’s time to know the answer to that question.

This documentary was created in a 60-day follow-up during his tour to find out how he experienced that tour, the importance of Old Town Road to become known worldwide or the release of his debut album, Huntsman.

Lil Nas
Lil Nas X already has a musical return date: “I am the favorite of the gods”

Steps you have taken to become the reference black queer artist who fights against homophobia. And that is what is reflected in this audiovisual work in which he will talk about how he has felt and how he feels now regarding topics such as his sexuality or his relationship with his family.

“When I was a child my sexuality was like that of an elephant in a room. I started to feel bad, with anxiety attacks. Coming out of the closet was very important to progress,” he acknowledges.

“My mind was programmed since I was a child, when you screw up you have to leave everything. I feel like something is brewing that will be incredible. I trust that feeling,” she reflects.

In this short time that he has been in the industry he has achieved many things that have helped him reaffirm himself as a person, although he still has work to do: “There are still parts of me that I’m learning to accept”.

“I always try to question the way my family thinks about things,” he admits, “many queer people are making these advances, but it is a struggle”. And he continues in that fight in which he tries to involve those closest to him.

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New era for Lil Nas


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