Lisa from BLACKPINK gets excited in front of Stray Kids at the Yellow Pieces Gala

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We were there. Friday evening, one of the stars of the group BlackPink was in the front row during Stray Kids’ performance at the 2024 Yellow Pieces Gala… and she loved it! We tell you.

This weekend, the Yellow Pieces Gala set the Accor Arena on fire. This exceptional concert brought together an excited audience. In the pit, the fans were hysterical. And for good reason ! The headliners were stunning. Among them, A$ap Rocky, Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, and even Phoenix. But that’s not all. K-pop stars were also there. On the one hand, one of the stars of the famous girl band BlackPink, and on the other boy band Stray Kids.

This exceptional poster gave rise to many surprises behind the scenes: Rihanna, for example, made an unexpected appearance to support the good cause as well as her lover A$ap Rocky who was performing on stage.

Lisa from BlackPink found herself in the front row of the Stray Kids concert. On the track “TOPLINE”, the singer immediately showed her affection for the group. Bobbing her head to the rhythm of the song, Lisa sang along. In real fangirlshe even took out her phone to film the South Korean boy band’s performance.

WECB shared this adorable moment on social networks. On TikTok, the video has garnered more than 3.8 million views. In the comments, fans are loving Lisa’s enthusiasm.

Off camera, the Korean stars also took advantage of this evening to chat together. So, are they preparing a project together? For the moment, it’s impossible to know, but one thing is certain: Lisa and Stray Kids like each other.


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