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After almost two years of absence, Valsian returns with a fresher and more innovative sound.

“Good face”is the name of the new single that marks the return to the stages of Valsiana fresh and different piece but, yes, being faithful to the essence that characterizes them. “Good face” It reflects the moment in which you find that person with whom, without knowing their name or their past, you connect in an inexplicable way, overcoming all fear and being yourself; a meeting so ephemeral and magical, that it was imperative to have a song.

Between Eunice Guerrero and Oscar Dominguez, there is an almost inexplicable musical connection that ends up creating perfect musical images. For this point of musical evolution Red (Oscar Dominguez) makes his appearance in the voices, leaving the programming and keyboards as an accompaniment in favor of his stage development, giving us a pleasant surprise full of harmony along with the magical voice of Eunice.

From the hand of his friend and mentor, Siddharthathis track is part of a package of songs composed and produced by this team of talented musicians and friends that will see the light little by little through LOV/RECS. So, be sure to follow them on social networks so you don’t miss any details of the surprises that are coming.

Friends, once again thank you very much for all the love with which you have received “Buena cara”✨✨. Reading them and watching them, sharing them and truly enjoying them has filled our last days. It is now available on all platforms so you can listen to it on your favoriteIt has been a beautiful process alongside great friends and we love that it is now yours! We love you!! “wrote the band on social networks.

“Good face”is now on your favorite platform so you can start enjoying it, while we leave you with the official video Hit Play!


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